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until a reckless attempt to capture the primal power of the universe shattered the very laws of nature, transforming Delos into a realm of magic.Now men vie with monsters, sword with sorcery, good with evil.

Now, thousands of years later, two young would-be heroes--Jarric, a human fire mage and Ferlyn, a feline mrem warrior--may be the last hope against an unholy alliance of evil creatures bent on the genocide of men and mrem alike.Any of you who disliked this book a great deal should check into some of Mr.Knaak's other works, and bear in mind that he is more magic based than combat oriented, and read the Dragonrealm series.Now this truely amazing free nude chat room can let you interact and meet new nude webcams all over the world.The main factor of popularity of the Internet is communication.According to many psychological surveys, the most interesting topics for communication are the conversations of an intimate plan.

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However, I was disappointed with this book, because the characters are not really well developed. The lead characters Jarric and Ferlyn are you atypical good-guy-hero.

Each had a very simple 'script' that reads like a computer role-playing game. Maybe another interesting character might be the seductive vampiress-turned-good.

This book was made before the Shattered Light game, just for those of you who don't know, (mister book-is-an-advertisement) as the book has a form in the middle talking about a beta version of the game being released or something like that.

Anyway, if you get this book and you love Role-playing games, you won't be disappointed.

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