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I found the 92% full-size design to be comfortable to type on but if given the chance I would probably choose a standard notebook for extended typing sessions. The indication lights for caps lock, volume mute, and wireless on/off are integrated into the keyboard through the designated function keys.

The palmrest was rock solid alone with the keyboard and trim near the screen hinges.The HP Mini 100e is the latest education-oriented netbook to hit the market, aimed solely at schools and skipping the standard consumer channels.This model features a unique clam shell design with integrated handle and a very rugged body.Users looking to type long documents or view some newer webpages might be in for additional horizontal scrolling, but nothing that you wouldn’t find on other similar netbooks.The screen was easily viewable under bright florescent office lights, even with the brightness turned down slightly.The Mini 100e has a white plastic exterior shell and a very consistent color scheme inside the notebook.

The same plastic that is found on the outside is everywhere inside the netbook, including the touchpad surface and screen bezel, giving the system a very industrialized look.

If you are looking for a designer netbook, look elsewhere.

Features like an onboard carrying handle are all about function over form, removing the need for external cases to lug around the system.

Compared to other netbooks it is hard to say if it made a significant difference by removing the second speaker, but as with most systems bass and midrange were entirely lacking.

Peak volume levels were fine for listening to presentations or You Tube videos, but if you plan on enjoying music or a movie, connecting headphones is the preferred method.

The HP Mini 100e is very easy to upgrade, although we were surprised to not see any sort of child-deterence mechanism to prevent tampering by students.