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Once they get over the disappointment that this is not a real cake (perhaps turn up with a real cake too? Stuck together with Velcro and coming with a toy cake knife, expect to have to pretend to eat a slice several times over. Tomy Pop-up Pirate: £9.95, Amazon There is something worrying about the gusto with which young children plunge their sword into the barrel of this toy, hoping to be the one to make the pirate jump out.

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It’s designed like an English cottage which, unfortunately, is unlikely to be robust enough to take too much enthusiastic play, though the tea set itself could easily last to be handed on to the next generation. The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr: £5.20, Wordery Much loved by all ages, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is the story of what happens when a tiger pops round for tea one day - unless you choose to believe the theories that it’s an allegory for the Nazis, or an alcoholic mother.Such a simple concept and yet such a great toy – kids can play with the wooden cars as well as the garage itself, while the adults around them feel good about the learning opportunity it gives in terms of colours and numbers. Smyths Lots to Cuddle Babies Twins: £19.99, Smyths If we treated our babies the way little ones treat their dollies, doll social services would be called instantly.So it takes a tough doll to deal with being dragged around the house by its ankles, thrown on the floor in favour of a chocolate button and kicked under the bed when it’s been naughty.It has everything a child could possibly need to make you a special meal – biscuit, broccoli and egg casserole anyone?If you need to save space the much smaller Nybakad Play Kitchen is just £25 and also very nice. Personalised Peppa Pig: Peppa And Your Child Go Swimming: £14.99, Penwizard It’s hard to improve on the five minute vignettes that make up Peppa Pig.By the age of two, most children can speak in simple sentences and follow a set of instructions, making games and imaginative play more gratifying for all involved.

It’s also the age where you’re most likely to be able to teach a child to say ‘wow’ as they open a present.

The aim is to get children used to the balance needed for cycling before they get a pedal bike.

It’s unisex – hooray – robust and like Wiggo, super cool. Tomy Foam Cone Factory Activity Toy: £19.99, Argos Leave this suckered to the side of your bath and you’ll find it impossible not to make yourself an ice cream made of bubbles - it’s almost worthy of being on a best presents for grown-ups round up.

Although this ice cream factory is a bit of a one trick pony, it doesn’t seem to put kids off, and once they’ve made their ice creams, got a mouthful of bubbles from one and sold the other two from their bathside shop, they seem very happy to start all over again.

Beware that you need to fill this up with bubble bath (not included) and water so have a supply of cheap baby bath at the ready. Emma Bridgewater Melamine Tea Set: £39.95, Emma Bridgewater There are cheaper toy tea sets on the market but we’re not sure there are nicer ones.

Essentially,you need to find 16th birthday messages with just enough inspiration, humor and understanding to make the birthday girl or boy feel important (not patronized).

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