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that day i noticed that he seemed to be often nearby and that when i looked up i often found the blue beam of those eyes already looking right back at me.

love respect and understanding is the recipe for any successful relationshipage difference matters not!

despite this he says that doesnt matter and wants to try.

moreover we are 7 hours apart and he wants us both to stop all potentials i dont know if that means exclusive but sounds like it he is a very great guy good looking and frankly i know what i can offer i just get feedback from everyone saying you cant trust him okay ..

that night as i was reading by candlelight in my camper van i thought i heard footsteps pause outside a few seconds then they walked on. I am happily involved with a man 10 years younger than me.

he brings energy to our relationship and passion for life. our interests in music and movies can at times differ its kinda funny actually but its a magical thing when we share a common interest and we share more in common than not.

i already learned a couple must be friends above all and for that to happen we must work for the other to enjoy being with us.

so a light relationship is what any woman or men who have already lived enough to cut the unecessary and maleficent stuff from life can offer to any young one that is still dealing with the headaches that an immature partner can any male past legal age is perfectly fine to be with!! its becoming very common for women to date guys 2030 years younger!!! Hugh jackman with wife deborralee furness photo media punchunimediakeystone press copyright 2013 by unimedia.

had two amazing children but i needed something more.

eventually we grew apart and i realized i was more attracted to guys much younger than me.

he did and was neutral and respectful and very knowledgeable about the area and local plants etc.

i liked his understated way of communicating and noticed that i felt settled and relaxed around him. when we got back i noticed again that he was often near me.

its not that he is younger its because hes not children did not deal with it as well as i thought.

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    When fragile egos are involved, as they invariably are when we date, we’ll take anything for a boost.