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But, that task is nearly impossible since you are tied up and there is a ball gag in your mouth. AIM: Bratty Irelynn Call 1-888-662-6482 to make your phone sex fetish fantasy come to life!

We also ask the time of day you usually call, whether you prefer to engage in email and Instant Message communication before and between your calls, and various other questions that will help us discern which of our dozens of fantasy artists will be perfect for you.

Nasty, Uncensored, and Extreme phonesex calls are our specialty, so call some real Freaks and get your Fantastic Fone Fuck on!

Cyber Patrol - Cyber Sitter - Net Nanny .00 a minute for US Callers | International Calls .50 a minute All Calls are TOLL FREE - All Cards discreetly billed!

Whether this fulfillment comes in the form of viewing videos and pictures of our fantasy subject, reading erotic stories, or simply using our imagination during solo masturbation, our fantasies quite often, and sometimes quite intrusively and pervasively, demand our attention.

Efforts to suppress or ignore our secret desires often fail.

I have a lot of secret phone sex fetish stuff that I love. I mean I won’t open my mouth unless I command you to stick your tiny cock in my mouth. I mean I am a rough dominatrix after all, I will put your limits to the test.

You can tell me, I promise that I won’t ever open my mouth.

Using these criteria to select the best phone Mistress available, we have brought together some of the sexiest, most intelligent and creative ladies in the Phone Fantasy industry.

To further increase the satisfaction of our clients, we have devised an extremely effective process to help you select the ideal fantasy artist for your desires and preferences: the Pre-Call Questionniare.

You will obey my every command, and when you resist me or give into any temptation that I tell you not to give into (even if you have no choice but to give into it) I’ll punish you for doing so without my permission.

The only way for me to stop jerking on your tiny cock is for you to beg and plead enough till I feel bad enough to stop what I am doing.

), we offer you the same service: We understand that sometimes it takes a while to find the fantasy artist that’s the perfect fit for you. How long has it been since you’ve totally indulged your desires and been swept away in a wave of erotic imagination? And right now is the perfect time to begin a new fantasy exploration, with a perfect phone fantasy partner. We’ll give you, and your fantasies, the attention and perfection you deserve.

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