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The accounts collected by HRW often refer to ISIS fighters accusing the women of apostasy, or abandoning their faith, before abusing them.

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But she was blindfolded, beaten with plastic cables, suspended by her arms for some time and then raped.

'The same guy raped me every day for the next month without a blindfold, always in front of my children,' Hanan told HRW.'My daughter suffers from an intellectual disability so she doesn’t really understand what she saw, but my older son brings it up often.

Fawzia, 45, from Daquq said her house was occupied by three fighters after her husband fled to avoid being used as an ISIS spy.

She said the men would bring girls aged about 16 into a room 'for about an hour' and that she could hear them crying.

ISIS fighters told the mother-of-three that her husband's flight made her an apostate and that she should marry the local jihadist leader.

She refused, telling her ISIS captors 'Kill me, because I refuse to do that'.

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Women have revealed the horrors they endured at the hands of ISIS sex slaves - despite being Sunni Muslims just like their captors.