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More time is needed to make an informed decision about legislation of this size and scope.

"House Republicans also made a promise to the American people that we would bring back an open process here in Congress. We've posted legislation on the Internet and given the American people and Members of Congress 72 hours to review it.

(We've ruled two of President Barack Obama's transparency campaign promises as broken, for example.) In defense of the House Republicans, they have worked to keep their promise on transparency, particularly in comparison with Obama, who almost immediately discarded his campaign promise to post legislation online for five days before signing it.

And in fact, Obama signed the debt limit increase into law only hours after the Senate passed it on Aug. When it comes to transparency, it's often at the moment when leaders are most tempted to break the promise that it's most important to keep it.

A major deal to reduce the nation's debt fits that category. Lynn Westmoreland, Westmoreland Opposes Debt Ceiling Increase, Aug.

The deal was negotiated almost entirely behind closed doors, the public got less than 24 hours to examine it before the House voted on it, and Congress knew about the deadline weeks ahead of time. 1, 2011 Interview with Jo Maney of the House Rules Committee, Aug.

They also made the point that the final bill was very similar to bills promoted by both Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid. And, while the rules of the House may not have been violated, the campaign pledge is a different matter.

Finally, the legislation could be considered an emergency as the U. government was about to exhaust its legal borrowing authority. It didn't have stipulations or caveats for amendments or emergencies.So we leave the rating on this promise Stalled for now and will monitor how they do with future bills before making a final ruling.It's not an unfamiliar theme: Politicians don't like keeping promises about open government when a quick political victory is within grasp.They argued that having the bill posted -- even briefly -- on three separate days met the terms of House rules adopted at the beginning of the year, which specify that a bill cannot be considered until the third calendar day on which it has been posted.That squeaking by ended with the compromise legislation that extended the federal debt ceiling. 1, 2011, the same day that members of Congress voted on it.Some have noted -- most notably, open government advocates The Sunlight Foundation -- that Speaker of the House John Boehner made other statements during the campaign pledging a 72-hour window before a vote. At least one other bill recently was handled the same way.

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