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Brown of Washington and Lee University at Lexington, Va. Dubbs of Lancaster, Penn., President of Franklin and Marshall College; Mr.

: io 4 An Alphabetical List of Early American Book-plates 160 A Chronological List of the Dated Plates ... 377 The Ex Libris Societies 3 8 7 Bibliography (American, English, and French) ... more fully than has yet been done, the book-plates of America, needs to be understood as simply a pioneer work; a great deal of information will reward the patient and painstaking investigator of the future, which is now inaccessible, and without doubt, too, much will be found even within the present to supplement these pages. Carlander on the Swedish, are all the work of master hands, and are recognized as authorities. In view of what has been and of what will be written, this present modest attempt to introduce 497 vi Preface. Lichtenstein, by George Moore 160 - xi Xll List of Illustrations. Schlaick, by Howard Sill 362 _ Arthur Robinson Stone, by George M. William Kelby of the New York Historical Society; and to Mr. Tyler of Williamsburg, Va., President of William and Mary College, does he wish to make acknowledgment for the favors which have con- tributed so much to the value of the work. Carson, the veteran collector and eminent authority of Dublin. Hewins, who very kindly, at the writer's request, accepted the labor of preparing the excellent Bibliography which appears in the volume.

CONTENTS PAGE Preface v A List of the Illustrations xi Introductory l Name-labels and Mottoes l6 Armorial Book-plates 35 Pictorial and Allegorical Book-plates and Plates of Colleges, Libraries, and Societies 57 Book-plates of Special Interest 79 Early American Book-plate Engravers, with Lists of their Work .

Poulet-Malassis on the French, Herr Warnecke on the German, and M. A large number of articles has also been con- tributed to periodical literature by those well informed upon the subject, and numerous mono- graphs testify to the growth of interest in this fascinating study, and by the names of their authors, to the class of scholars and students of antiquarian lore who deem the humble book-plate worthy of their attention.

Laurence Hutton have long been of invaluable service, and occupy a position both at home and abroad of undisputed eminence.

To many others also is he indebted, both for the loan of plates and for kindly words of encouragement.

Libbie of Boston, does he feel under deep obligation for the generous loan of their splendid collections, for ready advice and counsel, for cheerful assistance whenever asked for, and for that tangible sympathy and lively interest which are worth so much to one engaged in such work.

Series 6 begins seven months after the Jeffersonian team went their separate ways, but they're summoned back to Washington, D.

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    But there are still question marks over the future of populations of other species, including blue whales and bowhead whales, both hunted to the verge of extinction.