Absolutely free meet in fuck no cridit card needed

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Absolutely free meet in fuck no cridit card needed

And when it finally launched, did we get the pleasant browsing experience sorely lacking from previous Nintendo marketplaces? The e Shop is still pathetically half-baked and messy compared to pretty much every single rival.Games and categories are just thrown together in random order, all on a single row, so you can only get one item detailed on the screen at once, and you need to manually scroll through icons in order to get to where you want -- if you even know what you're looking for.

Alarm bells were ringing when it became apparent that Nintendo couldn't be bothered to have the store ready in time for the 3DS' launch.

Some of you are reading this now and your first thought is, "He finally admits it!

" However, I have a specific reason for this self-deprecating opener.

What it doesn't tell you is that existing Nintendo Point cards just don't work, something our own editor-in-chief found out to his wallet's detriment. (Update: Apparently, they have been spotted in stores, but they weren't really publicized and they're not everywhere. Also, you'll need to do this you add money to the e Shop, because heaven forbid the 3DS give you the option of saving your details or making a persistent online account.

Again, it would be too convenient and sensible to work on making current point cards work, so the 3DS will need its own special cards -- something the e Shop doesn't bother explaining. I'm sure Nintendo can hide behind the guise of "customer safety" in this respect, but I call it "customer wanted to buy a game but had to put his card details in for the third time and lost his purchasing impulse as he leafed through his wallet." Nintendo, I'm a grown man and I can look after my shit.

Intuition tells us that you should be able to rate a game just by finding the product page, but that would it is to buy something.

The e Shop misleads you into thinking there are two payment options -- credit cards or Nintendo Points. It's another case of Nintendo simply not having its shit together in time. Instead, if you want to add funds to your e Shop wallet (you can't just buy a game, you need to stockpile money in pre-set quantities) you've no choice but to reach for your credit cards.

While the offerings are poor in North America, they're even elsewhere.

In a modern, open industry, this kind of backwards bullshit just isn't acceptable.

The arbitrary placement of categories absolutely astounds me.

Right at the very end of this long parade of icons, you have the following items in order: For Your Road Trip, What We're Playing, Nintendo 3DS Games Coming Soon, Coming Soon to Nintendo e Shop and ... That's two release lists nestled in between two game genre categories, hidden at the end after a bunch of other nonsensically placed items.

Nintendo clearly knows what the competition is doing, whether it's Sony or Apple, and yet it seems to willfully for the e Shop.

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