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It also underlined the extent to which Black South Africans were isolated even in the churches.SASO and NUSAS: Conflicting opinions SASO adopted a conciliatory tone towards NUSAS stating that its objective was to promote contact between Black students in different universities as well as contact between White and Black students.

Reacting angrily to the incident, Biko slated the incomplete integration of student politics under the existing system and dismissed talk of liberalism as an empty gesture by Whites who really wished to maintain the status quo and keep Blacks as second-rate citizens.

In the 1960s White members became sympathetic to the Black students cause.

As a result, Black students membership began to increase.

It was influenced by Black Theology that taught religion from an oppressed person’s perspective.

Liberation theology sought to transform society into a just and fraternal society.

Then you grew out of it,” but for Biko and other black students, NUSAS was not militant enough.

Other liberal organisations like some churches were not open to blacks either.

The conference, which was attended by thirty members from various SRCs from Black universities, was held at Marianhill, Natal. The following year in July 1969 SASO had its inaugural conference which was held at the University of the North near Pietersburg (now Polokwane).

At this conference Steve Biko was elected its first President and students from the University of Natal played a pivotal role in the formation of this student structure.

For Example, at a non-racial church conference, which Biko attended, white participants discouraged blacks from defying restrictions of the Group Areas Act, which limited Blacks to 72 hours in a white area.

Being told how students should act annoyed Biko very much.

Many of these students, the majority of whom were based at the University of Natal, became increasingly dissatisfied with the inability of NUSAS to tackle deep racist structures and policies of both the government and universities.

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