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Note: You can claim everything you purchase from a sex shop for work.If you are a sole operator in the adult industry, you pay the same income tax and are entitled to the same deductions as people who earn a wage or salary.

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You can claim a deduction for stage make-up and products you use for removing stage make-up.

Some brands of make-up sold in department stores are considered stage make-up, and some stage make-up stores sell make-up that is not grease-paint based.

You cannot claim a deduction for child care expenses.

For information about the child care rebate payments, contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO): You can only claim a deduction for the cost of clothing you use solely for earning income, including costumes and lingerie.You can claim a tax deduction for the cost of classes you take to maintain your existing dance skills, or to learn new dance skills.You can't claim a tax deduction for the cost of maintaining your general fitness and body shape.An example is Port Vila's "The Ekasup Cultural Tour" with prices for 2 adults.P&O Cruises: 0 Travelonline: 0 Port Vila website: Port Vila wharf: We use & recommend otherwise search online & call us if you need help.From a short getaway to an extensive itinerary anywhere in the world, Christie is happy to help.