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” and “When you grow up your heart dies” echo the eternal concerns of teenagers in everywhere and, for all their innocence, the scenes where the gang come to terms with the harsh realities of adult life still pack an emotional punch.“The Breakfast Club” may to the ’80s what “The Great Gatsby” is to the ’20s: if you were there, you know that it’s not how it really was, but it’s how people will choose to remember it anyway.

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The film follows 1960s London teen Jenny (Carey Mulligan), an idealistic 16-year-old who dreams of becoming a French existentialist.Kubrick came to the film after a long-gestating project on the life of Napoleon project fell through (Steven Spielberg is now developing a Napoleon miniseries based on the Kubrick script), and the notoriously perfectionist director made “A Clockwork Orange” on a small budget in a matter of months.Malcolm Mc Dowell, at his goggle-eyed, manic best, portrays Alex, the disaffected gang-leader with a penchant for ultra-violence who undergoes a brutal course of paternalistic correctional treatment.Able to only cry a single tear, Cry-Baby makes all the girls go wild though the only one he wants is “square” Allison Vernon-Williams (Amy Locane).Unfortunately, Cry-Baby ends up in jail after being falsely accused of starting a riot by Allison’s boyfriend.“A Clockwork Orange” (1971)Few films could be less like “The Breakfast Club” if they tried.

In fact, for the whole of the ’80s, it was legally impossible to see the film in parts of the world, most notably the UK, after the stylized violence it portrayed allegedly inspired copycat incidents, and director Stanley Kubrick withdrew the film from circulation shortly after its release.Mc Dowell endured a particularly arduous shoot, damaging a cornea, breaking ribs and bearing the brunt of Kubrick’s demanding directorial style.The science-fiction stylings, the futuristic costume and Russian-influenced patois that Alex’s gang of “droogs” use, have aged remarkably well, and as a portrayal of destructive youth, it is peerless.One Saturday morning detention brings together five high-school archetypes: a Jock, a Nerd, a Princess, a Rebel and a Freak.The five gradually begin to share parts of their ordinarily segregated lives, and realise that they are not so different after all.Because ever since people worked out that teenagers, you know, existed, sometime in the 1950s, angsty, anti-conformist adolescents have been easy to find in your theaters.