Advice dating jewish girls

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Advice dating jewish girls

Only once did I make the mistake of going on a date with a Chattanooga Jewish girl.A Jewish friend of mine needed a guy to go with his girlfriend’s best friend on a double date.

It was more of a wrestling match than a make-out session.

David and Tina’s high school romance lasted almost all of senior year before Tina decided to move on. Losing Tina messed him up so badly, he had to go to Israel to live on a kibbutz for six months. Was my only purpose in life to mate with a Jewish girl so that I might sire pureblood Jewish children?

Were my parents worried that if I went sniffing around the shiksas, I might end up fathering a litter of interdenominational mutt kids?

You can’t swing a cat in Chattanooga without hitting a Civil War monument.

My friend and his girlfriend quickly disappeared behind a tall granite column engraved with the names of Confederate battalions. She was a slow-witted pudgy girl who used too much hairspray.

After dinner at Shakey’s Pizza, we drove up to Missionary Ridge to a small park that overlooked downtown.

In the center of the park was a Civil War monument flanked by old cannons.

It was one of the rare times my parents saw me go out with a girl.

It was so proper, four nice Jewish kids out on a Saturday night.

My date and I were left alone, sitting on a stone bench, counting the city lights. She once confessed to the other girls in our Sunday school class that she shaved her pubic hair.

She was curious what it would feel like, so she just did it.

If the systematic murder of six million Jewish men, women and children didn’t make you xenophobic, then nothing would. I was always going to be a Jew, but when I was with my girlfriend, I wasn’t anything more than her boyfriend. Our birth control method of choice was the rhythm method.

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