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Afterward, when she tried to leave, he pulled out a gun and said, "You're not going anywhere." Maina waited until he was intoxicated, opened the door, and ran, without shoes on, as far as she possibly could. Despite his violence, he had a special way of making her feel wanted, of telling her she was big and beautiful, of convincing her—sometimes—that she could be more than a cash transaction.

At the same time, a national conversation about the validity and autonomy of sex work is starting to emerge, as activists and feminists push to decriminalize prostitution in the United States."It was like an escort service, but not a professional one," Maina says now of the manipulation—she was broke, young, and far away from anyone who could help her. That night, Maina had sex with an Armenian man who reeked of body odor. "That whole night, I just felt like the filthiest person on the planet," she says."But then as days went by, and weeks, it became really easy."This is when Maina began to piece together that Damon and Madison ran a complex sex trafficking operation masquerading behind their card games and casual conversation.She was using when she first met Loni*, a pimp who drove a muscle car, snorted heroin, and seemed, to Maina, like a real-life Casanova.He kept a stable of 12 women—Maina made lucky number 13.Damon acted as a pimp, pocketing the women's profits in exchange for protection. I'm way out here in Rochester, and I don't know what to do."It would be a long time before Maina came back. In each city she found a unique culture surrounding underground sex work.

Madison's job was to oversee the women and provide encouragement."I need to come back to Rhode Island," she told her mother one night months later, her voice raw and panicked over the phone. Still stinging from her mother's rejection, she made an impulsive decision to hit the road. From there, she travelled to Worcester, Massachusetts; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Washington, D. The girls on the East Coast wore revealing clothing and strutted the streets.I could be anybody."At first, life in Rochester was pleasant and uneventful—Madison and Damon were covering Maina's living expenses so she didn't have to worry about money.But then Madison made a surprising suggestion for repaying them: She told Maina to go on a chat line where men could ask her to engage in sexual activity.One of those nights, Loni got angry at Maina because she had used all her earnings to buy crack cocaine.He immediately brought her to a Walgreens, where he sold her on the spot to a drug dealer waiting outside. Back at his house, the drug dealer forced Maina to have sex with him in front of his girlfriend.The other graduates exchange high fives and congratulations. When the boys found her scrunched in the shadows of the branches, they took turns brutally raping her.

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