Ang dating daan network54

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Ang dating daan network54

Together they compose the Church Council, which issues have the force of law on all the Iglesia faithful. The 1990 census listed 1.4 million INC members, a nearly 300-percent increase from 475,407 in 1970.Members who violate them, as well as other Iglesia policies against marrying non-INC members or drinking liquor and taking drugs, face suspension or expulsion from the church. At an average annual growth rate of 9.8 percent in the last 12 years, INC members could reach some 2.8 million today.

The Marcoses paid periodic visits to the INC headquarters in Diliman, Quezon City and were regular well-wishers at Erdie’s birthday celebrations.Attached to this post is a Confidential Report regarding Corruption in the Bureau of Customs and involvement of Iglesia Ni Cristo particularly Eraño Codera, Glicerio Jun Santos Jr., Marlon Esguerra and the payout of 200M to the INC Group thru Bro. This is proof that the entanglement of INC personalities in lucrative governement agencies have been around for many years, it is just now that somebody was brave enough to name us as the primary force in government activities that favors the corrupt INC group. Although the Commissioner said he wasn’t sure, it was because it was always an emissary of Ka Erdz Codera and Ka Jun Santos who was sent to convey favors, commissions and positions.More evidences are being investigated by the reporters and journalist for another blast of expose that will drag the name of the Church. Edwil Zabala, being the official spokeperson for the Church, actually spoke of nothing in our defense, only that nobody informed him of anything, thus he has nothing to say in our defense. I really hope that the Sanggunian can come up with a more credible answer to these allegations rather than just mere “silent treatment” like what they are now acustomed to.Their silence and inability to face and answer questions of corruption, abuse of power, mismanagement and greed for material wealth only breeds doubt and contempt among the brethren.Since last year, the INC has also been pressuring the government, initially to put Estrada under house arrest and later, to allow him to go to the U. “The bottom line,” says a presidential adviser, “is we must get the Iglesia support in the 2004 elections.” Presidential Adviser on Housing Affairs Michael Defensor, three-term congressman in a Quezon City district that covers the INC headquarters and bailiwick areas, is a close buddy of church spokesman Lowell Menorca.

Transportation and Communication Secretary Pantaleon Alvarez is a friend of PIATCO spokesman Moises Tolentino Jr., an INC deacon.

INC leaders have pledged support for Alvarez’s confirmation as Cabinet member.

Justice Secretary Hernando ‘Nani’ Perez was Corazon Aquino’s transportation secretary when he renewed the contract of an INC-linked firm to produce drivers’ licenses in 1987.

On our provincial visits, “someone would whisper to us and say we should drop by the Iglesia head chapel,” a Lacson aide revealed.

Lacson now calls on the Iglesia on every provincial sortie, said the aide.

Their unusual silence was prompted by the presence in the Senate halls of Perez’s friend—INC spokesman Menorca, who was seen in one of his rare public appearances.

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