Antwerp city dating

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Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Antwerp time to get the time in these cities.Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods.

Sven further explained that all of the shops inside the brewery had an open kitchen so that customers can see the craftsmen working hard on their craft.

Blue Bear also receives PR advice and financing of €15,000.

In third place comes Rooku, a text-based platform that improves communication between schools and parents of students, with parents signing up to receive push notifications of school news.

When we arrived, Sven first told us some of the history of the brewery.

The tour guide for this afternoon was Sven Dekleermaeker, one of the company’s master brewers.

The app also allows a selected activity to be reserved and paid for if necessary, and makes it possible for organisers to list their activities.

Seesr will receive €20,000 in development financing as well as PR assistance from an external advisor.The old yeast storage of the brewery made way for Kenney van Hoorick’s bakery.Here he and his team make artisanal bread and the there’s even a patisserie in the bakery.The brewery lies a bit outside of the city center, but not without reason.In 1833 there was a tax on drinking beer inside the city center and so, it was cheaper for people to drink beer at De Koninck.In second place came Blue Bear, an online marketplace for sport and leisure activities.