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Most people who travel to an unfamiliar place use an extra degree of caution when they are out and about in the community.

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It's one thing for someone to misunderstand your point of view because they can't hear your tone or inflection.

Passing comments can tell other group members where you are.

Even a simple comment like mentioning the school that your children go to can lead a stalker to your home.

Instant messenger chats, online forums, Twitter, and Facebook groups are the new face of chat rooms.

How can you know the identity and motive of those who hang around today's chat rooms?

One guy remarked about all the bragging and cursing that goes on in his chat room for sports cars enthusiasts.

Someone else chimed in about a fitness chat room where a stranger habitually started a contentious topic, then abruptly left the conversation once the other members were writing in caps and typing emoticons furiously.Yahoo followed their lead and shut their random stranger chat rooms down by 2012.Source: Stranger chat rooms didn't go away completely; they just took on different forms.There's a lot of empowerment in making 'ignore' and "delete" your favorite strategies.Contentious chat strangers stay away from other members who can hold their own.It's a good idea not to get too comfortable when you chat with a stranger, regardless of how long you've been chatting with friends in the group.