Australian millionaires dating site

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Australian millionaires dating site

Marco, 28, says: 'The business is now valued at around £16 million, when the Dragons didn't even think it was worth £2 million.'I've certainly proved them wrong.

This is the man who for decades has sought to whitewash Australian history to deny the genocide and dispossession of the Aborigines.The Dragons said he had overvalued his company at £2million, but Marco says he has just turned down an offer of £90million for Professional Gains from Coventry-born multi-millionaire Jojar Singh Dhinsa.Marco, from Great Barr, Birmingham, hopes it will soon be a £1billion business.I think it's going to be worth a billion pounds.'That's because of my multi-level marketing system which gives people the opportunity to earn money and eat for free.'Customers can just go to the website and order tailor-made fresh meals, with balanced protein, carbs, fat and vegetables like Italian chicken and sweet potato, salmon and brown rice or beef stew and kale. Or they can subscribe to the Pro Gains app and also get paid a £65 bonus for every time they introduce someone else to the service.Marco said: 'All you have to do is share the app with four people, who each get four people on board and so on.'Within three months you will be eating for free and by month seven you should be earning a minimum of £5,277 a month.'There's no contract so you can cancel at any time and you don't have to get other people involved if you don't want to.'As well as being an entrepreneur, he also has a website in his name claiming he is a model and actor. Next to his picture the biography says: 'wel im ambicious in life wanna achive at everythink i do."Assimilation" (and other names by which the practice of stealing children was known) was a genocidal policy.

Its purpose was the destruction of Indigenous culture and community, and as such it played a key role in the dispossession of Indigenous people.What could be more utterly cynical than John Howard shedding crocodile tears over the sexual abuse of Aboriginal children?This is the man who refused to apologise for the Stolen Generation of Aboriginal children.This pamphlet examines the evidence in the report and debunks the racist arguments used by today's government to deny full acknowledgement and reparation.It argues that the government's aim is to perpetuate the oppression of Indigenous people to the advantage of the Australian ruling class, especially in the mining and pastoral industries.After over a decade of leaving Indigenous people to rot in poverty, misery and squalor the Howard government has now unleashed its racist jackboot.

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