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Autodating ru

This script would typically use the "chat" program to dial the # modem and start the remote ppp session.#connect "echo You need to install a connect command." # Run the executable or shell command specified after pppd has # terminated the link.

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#disconnect "chat -- \d \d\c OK ath0 OK" # async character map -- 32-bit hex; each bit is a character # that needs to be escaped for pppd to receive it.Note that # almost any character can be specified for the escape option, unlike # the asyncmap option which only allows control characters to be # specified.The characters which may not be escaped are those with hex # values 0x20 - 0x3f or 0x5e.You now need to be logged in as root to create the directories and edit the files needed to set up PPP, even if you want PPP to be accessible to all users.PPP uses a number of files to connect and set up a ppp connection.#-all # Disable Address/Control compression negotiation (use default, i.e. #-ac # Disable asyncmap negotiation (use the default asyncmap, i.e. #-am # Don't fork to become a background process (otherwise pppd will do so # if a serial device is specified).

#-detach # Disable IP address negotiation (with this option, the remote IP # address must be specified with an option on the command line or in an # options file). With this option, pppd cannot # detect a looped-back line. If this option is given, pppd # will log the contents of all control packets sent or received in a # readable form.

These differ in name and location between PPP 2.1.2 and 2.2.

For PPP 2.1.2 the files are:- /usr/sbin/pppd # the ppp binary /usr/sbin/ppp-on # the dialer/connection script /usr/sbin/ppp-off # the disconnection script /etc/ppp/options # the options pppd uses for all connections /etc/ppp/XX # the option specific to a connection on this port /usr/sbin/pppd # the ppp binary /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-on # the dialer/connection script /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-on-dialer # part 1 of the dialer script /etc/ppp/scripts/ppp-off # the actual chat script itself /etc/ppp/options # the options pppd uses for all connections /etc/ppp/XX # the option specific to a connection on this port If it does not exist - create it.

#noipdefault # Enables the "passive" option in the LCP.

With this option, pppd will # attempt to initiate a connection; if no reply is received from the # peer, pppd will then just wait passively for a valid LCP packet from # the peer (instead of exiting, as it does without this option).

#xonxoff # Add a default route to the system routing tables, using the peer as # the gateway, when IPCP negotiation is successfully completed.

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