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She said during the interview: 'In our culture, that’s really bad.

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Gazing down at her phone, Faryal - who also has three-year-old daughter Lamaisah - seemed deep in thought as she stepped out after Amir shot down her reconciliation offer online.After Joshua wrote 'apology accepted', Khan tweeted: 'Glad all is cleared up and all lies. The couple were then hit by further drama when a sex tape of Khan performing a sex act on a webcam while chatting with a model was leaked to a US porn site.The couple had been married for four years and shared a daughter's been very stressful for us as a couple, and a family.'I now recognise that all this infighting between me and my in-laws has had a terrible effect on my husband and I...and for that I would like to sincerely apologise.'My mother and father-in-law are the elders of our family and as such deserve love and respect just as much as my own parents do.'I've said things in the past out of anger...The couple claim Khan was sent screenshots of 'fake' messages purportedly sent between Joshua and Faryal which he initially believed to be real. All the best.' Problems began last year when Khan's family said his wife, an American model, dressed improperly for a Muslim woman.

Khan, who is worth £23million, apologised after receiving a letter from Joshua's legal team demanding an apology for the allegations. She accused them of verbal and physical abuse, but in a TV interview Khan's parents called his wife an 'evil woman', while his sister claimed Faryal had prevented the family from seeing Lamaisah.Faryal, who is pregnant with the couple's second child, posted a lengthy message on Twitter saying it is time for her and Khan to put their 'differences behind us'.The businesswoman and model also apologised for all the 'infighting' between her and Khan's parents, which she revealed has had a 'terrible effect' on her marriage.Khan even accused his American wife of having an affair with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua. You getting the divorce #Golddigger.'But Faryal hit back minutes later, claiming her husband left his family because they had 'robbed' him and telling him to 'stop making false things up'.Khan hit out at his wife, writing: 'Left my family and friends for this Faryal. Branding him a '30-year-old baby', she went on to accuse him of sleeping with prostitutes and being a bad role model.Opting for a low-key look, Faryal, who is believed to be around four months pregnant given the time of her announcement, concealed her baby bump in a loose-fitting black Yeezus hoodie that she teamed with distressed skinny jeans.