Backup exec 11d updating catalog

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Backup exec 11d updating catalog - christian dating shining single single star

The installation screen appears: (Figure 4)Figure 4: Type the LINUX server IP address or Hostname and press Enter as shown in Figure above.7.

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Installation requirement checks completed successfully as shown in Figure 7 below. To configure RALUS with user friendly configuration press "Y" (Figure 8)Figure 8: 11.Extract the contents of the installation files that were downloaded in Step 1 using the following command Figure 1a below: Note: Do not extract the RALUS installer files on a Windows system and copy the resulting files to the Linux/Unix host.Doing so will cause difficult to diagnose installation errors.Navigate to the Linux folder that was extracted in Step 3 as shown in Figure 2 below: Figure 2: 5.At the command prompt, type: installralus and press in the directory that the install script is present shown in Figure 3 below: ./installralus Figure 3: 6.Note: A host name can be used, however make sure that the Linux server can resolve the host name properly.

Its recommended to add the Windows host entry in the /etc/hosts file on the Linux server. To display the remote agent on more than one media server choose "Y" and press Enter or Simply type "N" and press Enter to continue as shown. Confirm the Media Server IP address or Hostname by typing "Y" and press Enter, else press "N" and re-type the IP or Hostname as shown. The installation utility will now ask to create "beoper" group as shown.UMI Code: V-225-285 Click on the desired method to see the installation instructions for the Agent for Windows Systems (AWS): (to be performed from the Backup Exec 2012 or above media server). In Backup Exec 2012 and above, it is possible to install the Agent for Windows locally with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Command line scripts (OS 32-bit) and setupaax64(OS 64-bit) for a command line installation.There are two methods to perform an Automated (Push) installation of the Agent for Windows: From the Backup and Restore tab (recommended): By clicking on the Backup Exec button: to go back to the top of this article.Step by step installation of the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers (RALUS) on the Red Hat Linux platform.Follow these steps to install the Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers on Red Hat Linux: Note: RALUS is an additionally purchased option and is enabled by installing the RALUS serial numbers on the Backup Exec media server.When automated (push) installation of the AWS fails it may be necessary to perform a local installation.

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