Battlehorn castle quest not updating

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It's all very functional, but means there's absolutely no way of personalising this house that you've supposedly built from scratch.

If you dabble in the arcane, you can add alchemy or enchanting rooms, or a library. While Hearthfire lets you customise your new home to a certain extent, you're forced to work within very strict parameters.A basic and humble small house is the first thing you can build, making plans at a drafting table conveniently located on the site, then constructing it with lumber and nails (crafted from iron ingots) at the new carpentry table.You create each chunk of your home at the table and they appear instantly and fully formed behind you.If it's the first then you've probably got no interest in Hearthfire, the new DLC that lets you build houses. There are benefits to Hearthfire and serious role players will no doubt appreciate the improvement your hand-crafted homes offer over the default houses already available for purchase in the towns and cities.There are no quests here, with no story and no definable ending. If, on the other hand, you've already started planning which of your weapons you want to display where, whether to store gems in the same chest as jewellery, and are actually looking forward to spending hours trying to wrangle floating items into display cases so they're positioned then Hearthfire is most definitely for you. It's just executed in a slightly fudged way that only ever makes it a partial success.Once the structure is built, you do start to get more options.

You can add a garden, a pen for livestock, even an apiary for bee-keeping outside.

Who wouldn't want a stuffed hagraven as an ornament? Each wing you build comes with its own workshop table where you can churn out furniture, storage and other items, but you get no preview of what they'll look like or any control over where they'll go.

If you choose to build a shelf, it only appears in the designated spot for that shelf.

Unlike Fable, where producing offspring is an organic and random thing and the characters can express a range of reactions and emotions, here you're simply picking one of a handful of pre-rendered moppets who will go through a series of pre-rendered routines.

Bizarrely, right now the game doesn't seem to let your new family live in the new house you've built - even though children's furniture can be added.

Inside, you can deck out the cellar with a smelting furnace and an all-in-one shrine (provided you've got the right amulets) so you can pick and choose your blessings over breakfast.