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Marlon Marlon Bridges, crack cocaine dealer in the North Holland Hustlers. Bucky Bucky Sligo, worked alongside Derrick and Aiden in the old days. Isaac Isaac Roth, Jewish mobster and diamond dealer. Talbot Talbot Daniels, card player around Liberty City. Anthony Anthony Corrado, Jimmy's personal bodyguard.

It should be noted that I made up names for anyone who plays a very minor role in the storyline or seems to have no name.

Johnny Johnny Klebitz, member of The Lost biker gang.

PB X Trey Stewart, AKA Playboy X, head of North Holland drug distribution.

Oleg Oleg Minkov, a Russian paranoid about the government. Bobby Bobby Jefferson, a Liberty politician, friend of Jon Gravelli.

CL Clarence Little, head of a drug distribution operation in East Holland. Charlie Charles Matteo, AKA Chubby Charlie, right hand to Gio Ancelotti.

There's been a big scare and you can't go across the bridges so good.

[translated] I thought I had died and gone to heaven, man.

Manny Manny Escuela, ex-drug dealer in South Bohan, now community leader.

Francis Francis Mc Reary, deputy police commissioner in Liberty City. Bernie Bernie Crane, AKA Florian Cravic, one of the soldiers from Niko's past.

=============================================================================== CHARACTER KEY (#charkey) =============================================================================== Some names don't cut down into an obvious 7-letter-or-less nickname. Faustin Mikhail Faustin, co-head alongside Dimitri. Brucie Bruce Kibbutz, auto enthusiast and certified winner.

Here's the listing of all significant characters in the game, in order of appearance. Bulgar Rodislav or Ray Bulgarin, powerful Russian crime lord from Europe.

[Hossan and Niko climb up a ladder to a higher deck.] Hossan Let's go.