Big spender dating

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Big spender dating

4) Is she a big spender because she likes the attention?

An extra R1 020 was incurred for a taxi trip to the airport to catch a flight out of that city.

City Press has previously reported that Mgidlana and senior parliamentary staff spent almost R2 million in “benchmarking” trips, flying business class and staying in five-star hotels in the UK and Turkey.

While in London, Mgidlana stayed in a R14 050-per-night (R42 150 for three nights) room at the luxurious Conrad London St James Hotel.

But Robert Mugabe has some way to go before he can claim for his country the accolade of printing the highest-denomination banknote.

A note issued in post-war Hungary came with a mind-boggling 19 digits.

He also ran up a bill of R3 215 on food and R730 on beverages, leaving a total bill of R52 638 for the taxpayer to pick up.

According to a parliamentary document seen by City Press, Mgidlana was in Johannesburg for a security cluster meeting.

Just two weeks after MPs berated him during a parliamentary debate for “wasting Parliament’s limited resources on luxury overseas trips, flying business class and staying in five-star hotels”, Mgidlana spent five nights at the swanky Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton.

His stay there – in a suite that went for R6 200 a night – cost the taxpayer R31 653, while during the day he was chauffer-driven around Johannesburg in a Mercedes-Benz. In July, Mgidlana returned to the Michelangelo, this time occupying a condo for six nights at the rate of R7 850 per night.

She berated MPs for attacking a member of staff instead of dealing with the issue “according to procedures of Parliament”.

Mbete said Mgidlana’s trips were done according to policy and sanctioned by Parliament’s presiding officers and there was nothing untoward about it. There is an audit committee which, if there is a need, will look into any matter that the executive authority of Parliament actually requires them to look into,” she said at the time.

6) Are you (all) big spenders when you have a lot of money to spend? 14) I tend to be not a big spender, not because I am cheap. 15) If you're not a big spender, the best option is a no-fee cash back credit card.

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