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The woman, who testified against Custis during the trial, gasped and sobbed in the gallery after state Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler pronounced the sentence and referred to the 45-year-old man as "vicious, depraved and evil." The 2013 attack lasted several minutes and started while the woman was sitting with her daughter watching television, with her infant son sleeping upstairs.

Also it is connected with fears and some events that gave strong impact in the early ages."Half-measures of leniency haven't worked to deter this defendant," Semper told the judge."He has almost as many arrests as he's had birthdays." Custis' attorney argued during the trial that the police investigation was biased because a white officer responding to the crime scene was heard on video using a racial slur. Prosecutors countered that four women who knew Custis identified him after seeing the video of the attack on television, and DNA tests showed blood found on his jeans belonged to the victim.Looking for an extraordinary way in expressing your naughty and side of you privately and for FREE?We give you what you want that will surely give you crazy yet satisfying gay live sex cam services.A judge sentenced a career criminal to life in prison Wednesday for a brutal home invasion beating caught on a nanny cam after listening to the victim describe how the attack left her with physical and psychological scars.

Shawn Custis said nothing during the hearing and held a folder of papers in front of his face during the proceeding to block photographers from taking his picture.Those who like gay voyeur will try to glance at boys pissing at the urinals or find some location in the nature where they can often see men coming to piss.Naked boys pissing videos When young guys are left alone at home they often have sexual fantasies in mind.In general peeing is a widespread fetish among homosexual people, however straight ones also practice it.One of the forms of this fetish is spying for naked guys pissing.This time one of the gay voyeur videos got a boy with urinal fetish who was caught pissing over himself and getting almost a mouth full on First he starts off sitting on the toilet and after a while he decides to take a shower and turns into a golden one.

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