Blue screen while updating ati drivers

17-Apr-2017 03:21 by 2 Comments

Blue screen while updating ati drivers

It has been a full year since my laptop function with only on graphic card, the other one, a more powerful ATI, was crashing my laptop since the day i switched from a disastrous win 8 to a newly launched win 10. Before you dive to deep into tearing your computer apart or panic. I literally just formatted, reinstalling Windows 10 and downloaded all my games again which took 3 whole days...... I'm trying to learn to be a better troubleshooter, so I'm interested in how you would have thought to do these steps. I've been having this issue since buying the videocard (270x) both on win 7 and 10 and the only thing that partly helped was disabling hardware acceleration for chrome. I'll try to disable adblock since some people report disabling addons helped them.

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If anyone ever has this issue follow the steps below: 1.Remove AMD Catalyst and all drivers associated with the card and software 2.Disable Onboard Graphics (Intel HD 2000/3000 etc) via Device Manager, 3. Install 11.12 (REBOOT) When the system comes back online you should be set --- Download Catalyst 12.2 and CAP1 for 12.2 7.When i get off work, this is what im looking to do, 1- Insert the old 5750 card, and install the catalyst for this card (since this is what i was originally on and had NO issues after the 6850 was installed) 2- Remove All the Catalyst AMD/ATI drivers and apps and download MSI Afterburner.and see if this works 3- Give up, the comptuer works...need for catalyst since im never OC'ing my card (Pre-OC from factory via Gigabyte) Comp Specs: i3-2100 4GBx 90GB Vertex3 SSD 500GB SATA3 HDD OCZ 600W Mod Xtreme PSU Gigabyte 6850OC (New) XFX 57501GB-ZNFC (Old) Just looking for some feedback, Feeling kinda "short bussed" right now. It sounds like both your SSD and your HDD have windows installed on them. Shouldn't you just have windows on one or the other?5hrs of non-stop tooling around, and here is the FIX! Originally Posted by mazdaboi ***UPDATE*** So the problem is fixed.

Disable Onboard Graphics (Intel HD 2000/3000 etc) via Device Manager, 3. Install 11.12 (REBOOT) When the system comes back online you should be set --- Download Catalyst 12.2 and CAP1 for 12.2 7. Its only a 90GB SSD, and i couldnt have Win, Office, BF3 and WOW on the same drive, i was a few gigs short. Sidenote (just curious): Why did you opt to put you OS on the HDD and games on the SSD? I know WOW is around 20gb alone so maybe that's why? Originally Posted by mazdaboi ***UPDATE*** So the problem is fixed.

I installed one by one abd tried video from webpage and videos from windows player and started with the basic drivers to have the aero glass image and after every new single instalation when I got to the media foundation decoders.......

my computer started crashing, I uninstalled this feature and all is working perfectly!!!!

If you have the OS on only your SSD/HDD then I would download 12.2 again (or use the one you already downloaded) disconnect your internet and follow the stickied drive sweeper guide found under "ATI - Drivers and Software" to reinstall. Sent from the bear [email protected] Griz - Yes i kept the SSD disconnected during this test, so i could swap back and forth betwen drives to try to duplicate the same issue.

Unfortunately this morning i checked and somwhere along the process of my frustration, i formatted the SSD (EPIC FAIL!

Iv uninstalled them 6 times and wiped amd off my system and fresh install yet nothing still crashes plus this is on the latest drivers.

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