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BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is barely lunchtime on a weekday but in the popular brothels in the Colombian capital’s gritty Santa Fe neighborhood, where scores of Venezuelan women sell sex, the lap dances are in full swing and the shots of alcohol are flowing.

Venezuelan migrants who have been trafficked into the sex trade are often lured by false promises of well-paid work in Colombia’s restaurants and bars or as domestic workers.But then they find they are forced to work long hours with little or no pay, are not free to leave the bar they work in, and may be trapped by debts owed to the agents who brought them across the border.Maria, 26, says she had no choice but to resort to prostitution, putting dreams of being a television host on hold and leaving behind her young children, husband and sick mother.they are bait for people seeking to get rich off trafficking women into forced labor,” said Carmen Martinez, regional legal director at rights group Women’s Link Worldwide.”Traffickers tell women, ‘If you stop what you’re doing, you won’t be able to send money for your children and they will die of hunger,’ she said.A short drive from Santa Fe, 25-year-old Dorian from Venezuela is also looking to get his first client of the day.

Standing against a tree in Bogota’s Lourdes Park, under the imposing shadow of the square’s gothic cathedral, he and seven other men are also casualties of the crisis in Venezuela.

Without a job and with no money to pay for rent and food, Dorian started working in the square about two weeks ago. I‘m disappointed in myself,” said Dorian, a business studies university graduate.

Dorian says he left Venezuela six months ago, after a close friend was shot dead by gang members on his way home from a party. I knew then that I had to flee, that I was in danger,” said Dorian, dressed in tight white trousers.

In April the court ruled sex workers should be given work visas and their rights protected.

In an email to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Colombia’s interior ministry, tasked with combating human trafficking, said there were “concerns” that Venezuelan women could become victims of trafficking.

Yet so far this year, the ministry has received just one suspected case of a Venezuelan woman trafficked into the sex trade, while last year three cases of forced labor involving Venezuelan men in Colombia were reported.

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