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I don't have a cat, but my mum always has and I've grown up with cats around. I would make sure the cat was shut out of anywhere the baby was sleeping, unless it's a daytime nap and I was awake in the same room.I wouldn't want to leave them alone together i have a cat and we have the moses basket up in our room now ready he goes under it but has never atempted to get in it hes more used to sleeping on my daughters top bunk as long as you never leave the cats alone with baby sleeping i don't think you will have a problem ive always had cats and when all my kids have been babys ive never had a problem with them trying to get in with them Hi, When my LO was a baby the cat wouldn't go near him-I had got a cat net but never had to use it.

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We've never had any equipment to stop Hazel getting in the moses basket or cot.And when asleep, she was shut out of the room, still is.Although Hazel (the cat) has been known to sleep in the moses basket when vacant, she has never tried to climb in it when occupied.One cat was terrified and the other tends to keeps it's distance from Isabel anyway so don't have too much of a problem.They sometimes jumped in the crib when it was empty but never even tried while she was in it.Someone mentioned their cat sleeping in the moses basket when it was empty - that just about turned my stomach What about the hygiene side of things?

It would leave it's hair all over the moses basket and if it's an indoor cat then it's been in it's litter tray then into the moses basket and if it's an outdoor's not even worth thinking about We bought a cat net when I found out I was pg and we basically never used it and ended up selling it on ebay.

The day i found out i was pregnant i stopped the cat from going into my bedroom, kept the door shut and by the time my 1st LO arrived the cat never even attempted to go in the bedrooms at all.

We now live in a bungalow and the cat doesn't go passed the kitchen door, towards the bedrooms.

We had 2 cats when the babies came along, and never once had any problems at all!

With the first we did the cat net thing, and then with 2 and 3 didn't bother. As soon as the babies were sleeping in their own rooms, their bedroom doors were always closed, so it was really only an issue when they were in the moses basket beside my bed.

I wouldn't bother with a cat net - I can't see them being strong enough to stop them anyway. I bought a moses basket net from mothercare as a precaution.

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