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PW: Very exciting — so tell me, is there one show you’d like to guest on above all others? Charisma: I auditioned for it after I did an episode of “Back to You.” The same casting director remembered me and brought me in to audition. PW: So you just kept asking for more rehearsal time with your on-screen fiance? Charisma: I’m glad you asked because I feel like in the film, it’s all from his point of view. It’s a really fast-paced action movie and I think America is just going to love it. I know that he’s done a lot of work – but this is nothing like that. I seriously have so much respect for how many hats he was wearing.But he said that he just couldn’t believe I had a 15-year-old kid. He’s in love with her, but is always away on these missions, coming back with like huge diamonds. He wasn’t just acting and directing, but he was physically throwing himself into it.

Charisma Carpenter: They were looking to form this League with people who have defended evil in some way in pop culture – so they approached me, and I I love Butterfinger, so I was totally in!Just because, well, I didn’t want to be killed off. Charisma: Well, I agreed to do it without being killed off, and then I was told I was going to be killed off anyway, and I felt hoodwinked and resentful.Then Joss told me how Cordy died and I said, “oh wow, that’s good.” So I was OK with it – of course Joss is going to write it very well.So then the two twin ladies met up with a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills! Kyle's character's name was Tricia and she was Callie's troublemaking frenemy. Apparently they'd gotten mixed up in some kind of illegal shenanigans and were both on the run? Later Janna and her daughter managed to squeeze in some valuable bonding time by singing some random song to each other for no reason. Although Janna DID look wistfully at Callie's be-stickered suitcase (Quick question: What?

), and we could tell she was slightly jealous of her sister's world travels and wild life.Then I read the script and loved how tongue in cheek it was.The only thing I said was, “do I have to wear a cheerleader uniform again? PW: Will it be all Butterfingers all the time at your house now?Anyway, Janna had a college-aged daughter named Fiona, and she was dating a dude with a shaky American accent who liked to ride motorcycles and get wrist tattoos and use cool Dutch angles in his photography.He was bummed because Fiona's mom didn't approve of him for whatever reason.For seven years Charisma Carpenter was a crucial cog in the epic fight against vampires, demons and the forces of evil on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” Now she’s taking the ass-kicking skills absorbed during her time as Cordelia to chase away a new, potentially more dangerous foe: candy thieves.

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