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Initially, the boorish display netted solely a dirty glance; a silent warning of sorts to pipe down… In the end, though, I did get my drink, while also becoming acquainted with just about everyone in the bar – not a bad trade for a truly great time at an even better place.For more on all the fun at Chat ‘n’ Chill, visit the bar online.

I wanted them as I had been caught by mistake flashing but I did get caught by a very naughty gentleman that said he had seen us going in to the woods and thought we might be up to know go if you get my drift , So me being me said as long as he did not tell he could watch and so I got my legs open click first picture and it went on from there on benches, up trees, boobs out and legs open , it was as fun naughty day but it was worth as the guy was true to he word and kept quite but I did get to see his cock but that's another day in my life A lovely visit by Mr X he wanted a prostate massage which I have been told I am quite good at if you get the gentle man just in the right position which I did on my massage table and lots of lube with in a few minutes he was smiling and enjoying it a lot I think , We then moved on to the bed and with him on his back and legs up I carried on with the massage , The next part of his pleasure was sounding you might have to look that one up but in short it a rod that goes down the penis and massages the prostate that way I have never seen it done before but at first I was I bit you know like looking over a cliff but I soon got used to it as I could see from Mr X face he was enjoying it a lot , as he explained it's like a dumbbell that gives the prostate a work out and when he had finished and removed the rod I slowly wanked him of and boy did he come hard it was a pleasure to learn new things so thank you I would not try this at home unless you know what you are doing and I would have no clue how to do it so far now I will stick with the massage Enjoy your weekend Xxx Which do you prefer I like hold ups easy to get on and off , but stocking do look good and give you that naughty look or classic style but then you have tights naked underneath them so showing your bum and fanny but you can not touch not till you rip a hole and bingo it's all yours lol , or you can have crutchless tights which are naughty but nice I love my all in one set nice black lace and naked underneath so my tits hang down and my nipples poke through That's my thoughts on it so I will let you choose what it will be Oh and a big thank you to the gentleman that took my new pic in my private gallery very naughty ones well some are Xxx What a fun half a hour with the lovely Chloe ,had a booking with a gentleman called Mr J Let me set the scene Mr J arrived and took me in to the bedroom and snogged my face off with very deep passion after about 5 mins Chloe came in a caught us and asked what was going on we just both looked at her and I pointed to his very large bulg in his trousers, she very slow slipped her hand down his trousers and in to his pants and started to wank him off while I was still kissing him very hard now as I could feel what Chloe was doing , He then said he really need to cum so I sat down on the bed and got my tits out and both Chloe and I watched him spunk all over my tits and omg there was loads , He pulled his trousers up and left with a thank you and a smile , saying he is looking forward to his next time and what he can get us to do Today Aunty Cathy stayed away and the very strict headmistress came out to play , the man that came to see me and said he had been caught looking at the ladies in the changing rooms and got his cock out and played with it , so the teacher sent him to me .

It was Sunday afternoon, the best time you’ll want to find yourself here.

Not that there’s really ever a bad time to stumble into Chat ‘n’ Chill.

The venerable beach bar has ranked among the very best seaside watering holes in the Caribbean since it opened in 1998, benefiting from an ideal location on Stocking Island, just a half-mile from George Town’s hotels and highly-trafficked marina.

Locals, billionaire megayacht owners, celebrities, and fun-seekers of every stripe venture here for the truly authentic Out Islands vibe. Chat ‘n’ Chill hosts a major pig roast every Sunday starting a noon.

A French kiss is rather liberal and is almost a foreplay leading to physical intimacy. It is recommended that you rather gauge the feel of the moment and let yourself act accordingly.

A large part of what you do also depends on how your partner responds to your activity. A very dear Friend of mine has gone away for a few weeks on holiday and before he left he said be good I think or it could have been be naughty so I had a think and decided to be both lol So first I was the bad headmistress that put the naughty Tony over my knee in little pants and gave him a whooping on the bum well he had been very naughty.This time you can push your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth.Then alternate the French kiss with a lip lock for a couple of times and finally end it with a few smooches.However, if your partner doesn’t respond back with their tongue, it is better to save the French kiss for another time.If a French kiss is imminent, gently slide your tongue into your partner’s mouth.I made him stand in front of me and pull down his trousers and bend over my knee I started with ten nice hard whacks and a few more and then made him bend over the chair and used my lovely paddle till his butt cheeks where nice and red with a lovely glow But I new he really wanted to finish by having six of the best with my cane so I'm not one to say no to giving some one a telling off With all my arm swing I gave him a god six After I had finished punishing the naughty boy we lay on the bed for a cuddle but I did tell him he had to wank him self of for my pleasure while I played with my magic wand .

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