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Vanessa takes it in all holes in the climactic orgy. Luckily he has 2 hot nurses to repair his stick shift. Phil presents four case studies of sexual obsessions. He hears confessions, invites his victims to his church, drugs their wine, and holds court over a sadistic orgy. Haughty, big titted, blonde Mistress Candice is a show stopper, doing what she does best: putting her slave David Christopher through a spectacular 360 degree session. In desperation, he seeks counsel from a sadistic doctor (Nico). Cast: Mistress Electra, Marlene Willoughby, George Payne, Dave Ruby, Carter Stevens. Brutal S/M, verbal abuse, domination, gynecological exams & nasty nurses! The scientist keeps human experiments in prison cells, where they perform a plethora of sex acts that a shutterbug records. He whips, fucks and abuses her shaking body while she comes again and again. Marc Stevens plays a gold miner and has an extended and amazing scene with Cindy West in a tent. Our hero finally loses control and ends up in the hospital in Demolition Derby Girls (1976, 47m). Clad in a barber's coat and frayed bell bottom jeans, he plays a psychiatrist who dispenses sexual healing to those who need his help. Cast: George Payne, Cheri Champagne, Martin Patton, Ambrosia Fox George Payne plays a perverted priest with a special list of sinners he must reform. Willowy blonde Tigr performs upside down blowjob acrobatics. George has nightmares of leather masks, piercings, orchestrating the degradation and torture of slaves at S&M orgies, and putting Annie in bondage and strangling her to death. Angry woman goes after sleazy senator who killed her sister. A mad scientist and his kinky, glitter era assistant develop an aphrodisiac made from his sperm. The slogan attracts prudish protesters, and the company must demonstrate just what they mean by "blow". It has a film noir plot of Ras Kean searching for his blackmailed wife, Terri Hall. BIKER SLAVEGIRLS A scummy biker picks up a well used tramp by offering her cocaine.

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The smitten character will be jealous, take an instant dislike to him (often being blind to what attractions he does have), and do whatever they can to sabotage the budding relationship.

Here at the Dirty, we’d rather put oil on our cocks than in our engines. Pitfalls of Bunny finds Joe in one of his prankish moods. Davian's gritty tale of perversion in a women's prison. Titles include: PAYOFF Starring: Terry Ruggiero When George and his partner can't collect the money some "ladies" owe them, they gladly take it out in trade. Starring: Roger Cain, Dave Ruby A burglary ring uses sex to keep their victims occupied. Starring: Marc Stevens, Annabella A rapist dresses as an old woman, preying on sympathetic young women. Starring: Helen Hayne, Nadine Russell Two lovely girls lay hands on secret papers involving foreign dignitaries. Starring: Bree Anthony, Bobby Astyr Terrorists attack an American embassy and abduct the Ambassador, his wife, and his secretary. Starring: Tina Russell, Andrea True, Marc Stevens, Jason Russell A group of weird and perverted sex freaks visit the doctor to satisfy their carnal desires. Starring Terri Hall, Ashley Moore FORBIDDEN WAYS 1976. VICIOUS VIRGIN A bratty but busty little teen's father leaves her in the clutches of a brutal dominatrix.

Souperman (1976, 68m) may not be able to fly, but he’s got 9 inches of bullet proof flesh inside his super shorts! *NOW ON SPECIAL* Well, if motorsports are really your bag, you should probably head over to the dirt track just down the way. Cast: Vanessa Del Rio, Cindy West, Sharon Mitchell, Holly Bush. Themes of sadomasochism, abduction, drug smuggling, teenage prostitution, B/D, rape, crime, terrorism, voyeurism, necrophilia, pimping, incest, nurses, anal sex & much MORE! 5 Discs containing over 15 Hours of filthy XXX footage bonus Avon trailers! Starring: Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr Huge titted super slut Annie Sprinkle steals the show as a nurse who will do anything for her horny patients. Starring: Ursula Austin, Vanessa Del Rio, Pamela Brown Bonnie suffers a terrifying sexual experience then visits clinic where victims unburden themselves of guilt feelings. Masochistic superstar Terri Hall changes caps as a dominant. Vanessa Del Rio gives the submissive performance of a lifetime; you are amazed she went through it. FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILMS INCLUDE: INVITATION TO RUIN 1968/1973. The sex drones finally get their revenge in violent roughie fashion.

On the other hand, if he's too unlikeable, we'll wonder what the love interest could possibly see in them and lose respect for them.

When introduced for a short arc, often exists expressly for the purpose of contrasting their relationship with the Official Couple's, in order to show how perfect the "official couple" is for each other.

Classically campy sexploitation flick about a horny yeti terrorizing sexy young campers. Candy plays a mother who is ravaged when smugglers interrupt her family vacation. As a bonus featurette we have Dairy Expo, short films filled with white milk and pink pussy! Rough sex auteur Davian delivers a straight faced black magic story. Cast: Erica Boyer, George Payne, Dave Ruby, Jerry Butler, R. FURY IN ALICE 1976 Cast: Vanessa Del Rio, John Leslie This domestic tragi-comedy follows a slutty housewife through her kinky extra marital affairs. 1980 Cast: Marlene Willoughby, Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, George Payne, Ron Jeremy A federal agent is murdered while staking out a pimp's yacht.

Candy Samples, Rene Bond, Suzanne Fields, Eve Orlon, Ric Lutze. Loop collection featuring Vanessa and other Avon stars in filthy XXX fucking. Milky returns in Make Mine Milk (1978, 60m) and she’s still gushing warm dairy droplets for any horny man or woman who needs a drink. It's an entertaining deviation from Joe's erotic urban nightmares, without sacrificing the high frequency fucking and perfect casting that's his trademark.

*NOW ON SPECIAL* Tonight we offer you a super powered double feature filled with more action and excitement than any comic book. Super Lady (1975, 55m) shows that women can be indestructible fucking machines too, even when taking thick black cocks all the way up their air tight ass pipes! This prurient package seams together a variety of loose threads in the Avon production history. Mustard titles as well as many obscure works by unknown, no-name and "flash-in-the-pan" directors! Overlapping vignettes cater to true S&M enthusiasts. Torture, teenage abduction, forced drug addiction, terminal kinks, whipping, flogging, sexual training, slavery, sexual extortion, bondage and discipline, severe degradation, anal sadism, schoolgirls, bizarre cults, incest & much more! The mute obese sadist Mama Lupo then trains them through brainwashing by bondage, whipping, lesbian sex and needles full of heroin.

What’s Behind the Groupies (1975, 60m) follows a big titted young woman backstage to see what she will do to meet her favorite stars. Another round of Times Square's most infamous 42nd Street XXX Sleaze Cinema! Starring: Marlene Willoughby, Terri Hall, Jamie Gillis, Vanessa Del Rio, Grover Griffith Marlene Willoughby goes to work in a busy Manhattan dominance apartment. These sick and twisted FLICKS feature themes of rape, abduction, sado-masochism & more. A sleazy prowler lures young innocents to the dungeon of a fat white slaver.

Usually, the character is either an alpha-dog Jerkass or a bland, boring milquetoast.

They may also be the character's Always Someone Better or The Ace to really inspire the Green-Eyed Monster to take hold.

Gladys and Her All Girl Band (1976, 60m) is another Shawn Costello jam, this time showcasing the double penetration of Terri Hall and the deep oral skills of CJ Lainge! Davian delivers another hard nosed roughie 15 hours of 1970s' style depravity!!! This is the 1st Box Set in a series that highlights obscure UNDERGROUND 1970's Feature films.

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