D3 updating setup files stuck

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D3 updating setup files stuck - break from dating

Ok, so in Procedure C, we created a system image, in this step we will -Boot from the recovery drive created in Procedure A. Step D1: Using your OTG cable and USB hub if necessary, plug in your Recovery Drive, and also the drive containing the system image you created in "Procedure A".Step D2: Boot into the recovery drive; use one of the methods below: Method 1: Entering the BIOS From Windows to change boot device: Swipe from the right, choose "settings", click "Change PC Settings", Click "Update and Recovery", click "recovery", Under Advanced Startup, click "restart now", wait a bit then you should have a button to click called "Troubleshoot", click "Advanced Options", then "UEFI Firmware Settings".

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Keep or move this backup to a safe place for usage later.

this is also another method for restoring it.)Final Thoughts So there you have it, the method for restoring your recovery partition, factory fresh re-installs, and simple, easy, free backups and restores using default windows 8.1 tools.

, I would like to add some more info, if you don't mind?

These guides assume Windows 8.1, and a Dell Venue 8 Pro, but is applicable to all windows 8.1 devices (such as Surface and Vivotab Note 8) PLEASE DISABLE DISK ENCRYPTION BEFORE TRYING ANY REFRESH OR RESET PROCEDURES TO AVOID ANY TROUBLE.

Necessary Tools: 1 8GB or larger USB thumb drive 1 OTG cable Other Tools you might need (not required for all procedures): External Hard Drive (for system images) USB HUB (Powered if possible) microsd card USB Keyboard This procedure is mandatory for all the other procedures.

the reality is that there are fairly simple ways to do these things with built in microsoft tools.

I blame microsoft for the confusion around these procedures because despite the fact that Microsoft has really good tools, free to use, no special software required; documentation seems to be quite poor and explanations few and far between on how to actually use the Microsoft tools.How do I save an image of my system so I can restore it later?I have seen tons of threads on how to achieve these results, I have seen crazy wim extractions, winpe environments, a plethora of third party imaging tools, etc...Let the image restore and you will be back to square 1 with the system in the same state as you created your image.(If you created your system image before removing the recovery partition...(Removable thumb drives don't seem to work with this utility, this is where you may need the OTG cable and an USB Hub) (Your device must be formatted using NTFS.) Step C2: Go to the Windows Control Panel.

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