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Will, when he hears what Gwen has done, breaks up with her the night before the dance, forces everyone out of the house just as his parents arrive.He also tries to reconcile with Layla to no avail, and decides not to go to the dance after all.

Will attempts to reconcile with Warren, but he will have nothing to do with him and vows to retaliate at first opportunity.His only possibility of potentially acquiring powers is to fall into toxic waste (which is just as likely to kill him).At the end of his first day at high school, the Commander entrusts him with the 'key' to the family's Secret Sanctum (after promising that he will never bring anyone else there); the place where all the family's trophies of past victories are kept, including a strange device called the "Pacifier".He visits the Secret Sanctum and realizes that the Pacifier has been stolen, and that Gwen is the reincarnation the person who invented it in his father's high school yearbook.Meanwhile, the Commander and Jetstream arrive at Sky High.The Commander and Jetstream are two superheroes who live in a suburban lifestyle and work as real estate agents under the names Steve and Josie Stronghold, as well as help the city.

Their son, Will, tries to live up to the family name, but has yet to reveal such powers.

Royal Pain's minions trap the students in the Gym and we see more of them become babies.

Principal Powers calls out for help but she is hir and her screams become an infant's cry.

Layla meets up with Warren Peace at the restaurant, and eventually the two end up forming a sort of alliance, designed to get back at Will and make him jealous of them as a 'couple'.

Gwen meets the Strongholds and invites them to be the recipients of the very first Hero of the Year Award, which will be presented at the Sky High Homecoming Dance.

The Commander tells Will about how the Pacifier was taken from an arch-enemy supervillain named Royal Pain, but little else is mentioned of Royal Pain's demise or the Pacifier's powers.

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