Dark cavern chat rooms

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The original Vault 3 inhabitants opened their doors and began to trade with people outside the vault.

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The Chaos Tunnels themselves are not in the wilderness.Occasionally, some portals simply stop working or may teleport to a different cave than normal, so watch out!The tunnels are also the main location in Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok, a miniquest.Elsweyr is a diverse land ranging from dusty badlands in the north, to jungles in the south, while green pastures exist in the northwest.Elsweyr, under the control of the Aldmeri Dominion, is home to a feline race known as the Khajiit.Confirmed as a region, but does not appear in-game yet.

Valenwood is noted by many as the most beautiful place in Tamriel.

There are many monsters in this dungeon, and, due to its chaotic nature, these creatures vary greatly in nature. Others are aggressive unless your combat level is over twice their level (e.g., level 52s are not aggressive to level 105 players).

There are many slayer monsters here that are found in few places elsewhere, often in remote areas.

Control vaults were designed to open after 20 years, but the residents of Vault 3 decided to keep it sealed far longer, out of concern for the possible dangers they might face outside the vault.

All was going well until an accidental water leak occurred, forcing the residents to open the vault to find help.

The Chaos Tunnels consist of many different tunnels, each containing at least one type of monster.

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