Dating a cancer female

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Dating a cancer female - borjac datingbuzz message send

Almost all the Cancerians have the desire of being pampered like a child, especially when they feel low.Don't forget to pay your Cancer girl extra attention when she is depressed, otherwise she may retreat deeper into her shell.

Famous Cancer-Cancer Couples: Sylvester Stallone and Brigette Nielsen, Dan Akroyd and Donna Dixon Sometimes when two signs get together, it’s too much of a good thing.She also saves things that have a sentimental value attached to them, like the sweater grandmother knitted on her fifth birthday. She is one of those people who do not crib about bad luck.A Cancer female fiercely guards what is hers and that includes you too! She will get depressed and may shed a few tears alone, but she will be patient and wait for the time to change again, this time in her favor.She will also be very protective of her children and make them feel completely secure.Kids will be the center of her universe and she will pamper them with her love, affection and care.However, she is not weak and is completely capable of looking after herself.

In fact, she is one of those who sacrifice all that they have, for their loved ones. A Cancerian woman may be fragile as far as her feelings are concerned, but when you need her, she will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'.

She knows that you may leave for a while, to follow your dreams, but in the end, she is the one you will come back to.

Then, you will find her as charming as before, waiting for you with freshly baked bread and hot soup.

When in love, she will be tender, womanly, timid and modest.

She dislikes criticisms, can't stand rejection and gets deeply hurt by harsh words.

A Cancer woman will never make the first moves in a relationship; she only knows how to move backwards or sideways.

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