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I used to take my putter to my hotel room and people would tease me: "Are you going to bed with it? Is it true that on chips and bunker shots you always tried to leave yourself a left-to-right-breaking putt? I could not hit a right-to-left putt to save my life. It's supposed to be about being a champion and doing something for the game. It hurts because I think, "Gee, I wish I had done things differently." What happened to your broadcasting career? Fuzzy Zoeller will give me a big kiss and ask me to play a practice round. Do you think you will get into the World Golf Hall of Fame? I've made the contribution as a player and promoter of women's golf, but you won't see me in the Hall of Fame. After I got mugged and couldn't play for a while, NBC asked me to do commentary for the Nabisco. Hale Irwin and Tom Weiskopf have both sent messages saying they can't wait to see me.

In the middle of the night she figures out that she has weaknesses with her wedges inside 80 yards.We met at the course she designed in Mims, Florida, as she planned to take on the men of the Champions Tour at the Turtle Bay Championship. Our tour is predominantly international and the majority of them are Asian. Sixty percent of the tour should be American, 40 percent international. No one knows what was said, but they were a lot friendlier the next week. I used to get teased by the girls that I didn't need a woman problem because I always had a man problem. You would have liked what I had on underneath the balls. I had on a little bikini bottom and two round pieces of cardboard discreetly covering my nipples. Ask Ben Wright about sexiness getting in the way of good golf.He said, "I don't want you doing TV for me." So they fired me before I ever went on TV. Nothing goes right -- Nancy would get all the thanks, and I'd get fired or treated like an outcast. It seemed like she always beat me coming down the stretch, so the TV thing was one more: "God, Nancy beat me out again." Your decision to play a Champions Tour event has been called a publicity stunt. But doesn't golf, especially women's golf, need publicity? I told [NBC Sports executive producer] Tommy Roy, "You're gutless.

I may never play again, and this was my chance." And that was it? But Tommy Roy was there and I went off on him again. But it was always one against the other -- the good American girl against the big calendar sex deal. I'm not competing against the men -- they're my friends, guys I'm always playing with in charity events and pro-ams. We need to build awareness, to get a women's senior tour off the ground. While Hua Hin still remains a royal and high society favorite, this traditional Thai resort has developed many golf courses over recent years, combining the new attractions of a modern golf holiday destination with local charm.In recent years Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city and has been attracting more and more golf visitors each year.She sometimes thinks she might have been happier had she not followed her own drummer. The people who watch are predominantly male, and they won't keep watching if the girls aren't beautiful. In Australia the highest-rated television event is the women's surf championship. I'm in no position to judge anybody on what they do personally, but I could see sponsors saying, "We don't think it's right for the commissioner to be sleeping with a player." And if sponsors think it's wrong, then it's wrong. He's doing the best he can, but I don't think he's the right person for the job.Stephenson, who won 16 LPGA events including three majors and more than million on tour, is still best known for her sex-kitten pose in a bathtub full of balls. The commissioner should be a marketing person, not an attorney. I was talking to a multiple-major-winning PGA Tour pro who said, "Men are men. If you want them to watch women, the women will have to play great and look great." If David Duval -- someone with no personality, not good looking, not a powerful athlete -- was the best player on the PGA Tour, it would hurt the tour.\n There needs to be more of an educational process of what to do in pro-ams, how to act in pro-ams. Sally Little and Ayako Okamoto did, too, in the '70s and '80s.\n Does the tour have some responsibility to say something to them? They never really bothered me because they knew I was straight.

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