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Per accedere al portale bisogna richiedere ad England Tir un nome utente ed una password e sottoscrivere gli accordi di privacy e di fornitura servizio, che il cliente può scaricare dal portale o richiedere all’ufficio booking.In this Timewatch special, historian Bettany Hughes unravels one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time.

In the late 3rd century, after the Crisis of the Third Century, Diocletian formalised and embellished the recent manner of imperial rule, establishing the so-called 'Dominate' period of the Roman Empire.Furthermore, a sitting emperor was empowered to name a successor and take him on as apprentice in government and in that case the Senate had no role to play, although it sometimes did when a successor lacked the power to inhibit bids by rival claimants.By the medieval (or "Byzantine") period, the very definition of the Senate became vague as well, adding to the complication.Rome and its senate were ruled by a variety of magistrates – of whom the consuls were the most powerful.The republic ended, and the emperors were created, when these magistrates became legally and practically subservient to one citizen with power over all other magistrates.The use of the modern terms "Byzantium," "Byzantine Empire," and "Byzantine Emperor" to refer to the medieval period of the Roman Empire has been common, but not universal, among Western scholars since the 18th century, and continues to be a subject of specialist debate today.

The word 'legitimate' is used by most authors, but usually without clear definition, perhaps not surprisingly, since the emperorship was itself rather vaguely defined legally.After 480, multiple claims to be the imperial title of Augustus (or Basileus for Greek speakers) necessarily meant civil war, although the experiment with designating junior emperors (called now Caesars), usually to indicate the intended successor, occasionally reappeared.The Empire and chain of emperors continued until the death of Constantine XI and the capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire in 1453.Per consentire ai clienti di gestire in autonomia le proprie prenotazioni per traghetti, treni e tunnel, senza rinunciare all’assistenza del team del booking diretto, il Gruppo England Tir ha creato QB2U, un avanzato portale di prenotazione on line.Attraverso un’interfaccia estremamente semplice, il cliente può inserire prenotazioni e modificarle; il booking prende in consegna le richieste ed effettua le prenotazioni e le modifiche per il cliente, fornendo in tempi rapidi il feedback della richiesta.There are a few examples where individuals were made co-emperor, but never wielded power in their own right (typically the child of an emperor); these emperors are legitimate, but are not included in regnal lists, and in this article are listed together with the 'senior' emperor.

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