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Bill long ago decided that on DOS, CARRIAGE RETURN/LINEFEED (chr(13)||chr(10)) should be the end of line marker. I never get questions from unix people like "i set the utl_file_dir to an NFS mounted disk, now when I try to access it, it doesn't work". Give me windows and I need to buy the MKS toolkit just to make it bearable.... Dear TOM, With a third parth SQL Editor it is working fine on the same machine and OS.December 31, 2002 - am UTC don't know -- doesn't matter. \n = unix end of line \r = chr(13) \n = chr(10) use what you need based on the platform you want. Hah, windows - now I find that hard cause nothing but nothing can be done without a mouse, without a gui display. I get tons of questions from windows people like "i set the utl_file_dir to a windows share, now when I try to access it from the explorer -- it works but the database doesn't see it, why not? select 'alter tablespace '||tablespace_name||' begin backup;' || chr(10) || 'host copy '||file_name||' &destination\&dbsid\ &temp\hotbackup.log' || chr(10) || 'alter tablespace '||tablespace_name||' end backup;' || chr(10) from dba_data_files; OUTPUT alter tablespace XNID begin backup; host copy D:\ORACLE\PRODDATA\XNID01.

2) the documentation tells you that a repository offers more features -- but is not a requirement 3) see #1 again please.January 02, 2003 - am UTC I have a Chinese copy, pretty different looking. "The reprints are priced in your local currency (believe me, I know, I get royalties based on what the book actually sells for -- it sells for much less in some countries than others)" You must love it when us suckers in the UK buy your book then.Lots of symbols and then the word Oracle, more symbols then my name... US: .99 UK: £47.99 (~ at todays exchange rate) Then again we seem to get fleeced on the exchange rates on most books. ..I will probably get a copy of that to keep around just for fun.Reading a book is not problem for me but to Purchase a book from USA is really a hard time for me. TOM you are right that backup and recovery is the main activity of a DBA.The books are very expensive for us so we have to get info from online docs. Already I am using badidea and it was working fine for me. My another requirement to implement RMAN is incremental backups as the data is growing day by day.January 02, 2003 - am UTC No -- in the UK the list should be (according to Amazon) US List Price: .99 UK Equivalent: £37.40 Our Price: £33.66 You Save: £3.74 (10%) you should only pay £33.66 at most (about ) which is the same price as over this side of the lake. Lots of symbols and then the word Oracle, more symbols then my name... Will let you know if the translation gets the ideas way too wrong (seen that in other translated tech books) I was recently talking to a friend that bought your book from India - Less than . 675 If Larry Ellison really wants to make Oracle more popular then im my opinion he should make multiple copies of this book available in Libraries accross the world.

The paper is not that good but has the same contents and in English. I find uk to be very very competetive on Computer books (but not so for other sutff). It also makes me smile when they have New Price £33.60 or buy used for £38.00.December 31, 2002 - am UTC and you forgot one thing "windows"....On Unix, LINEFEED (chr(10)) is the "end of line" marker. Give me grep, sed, awk and a good shell and I'm set to do whatever I need.This is a cut and paste from one of the online book sites Expert One-On-One Oracle Kyte, Thomas ISBN : 8173663874 Wrox Press ; Published: 6/ 2001; Generally dispatched in 1 day. I did actually by a second hand version of an Oracle book for £14, it was in perfect condition and the guy even left an offical copy of JDeveloper in the cover which I dont think should have been there.Well worth a try and the transactions for second hand stuff are all delt with by amazon (you pay amazon and they pay the seller) so it feels much safer than something like e-bay."wrap end of line every number of characters" sounds more like LRECL from the mainframe -- the logical record length. DBF X:\Sikandar\Backup_hot\PROD\ January 01, 2003 - am UTC well, first of all -- suggest you cease and desist your approach to backups right now. (copy won't work really either on open files, ocopy would but it still is a disaster waiting to happen) You do not have the necessary control to verify that the copy actually succeeded. Strongly urge you to use RMAN instead, for your own protection.

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