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When I was 8, my older brother was into raw egg shakes for some weird reason, and like an idiot he let me have some and I broke into a huge rash all over my torso.

So it’s weird and backwards but basically I disappear for so long cuz I AM thinking about making new comics, not because I’m not.You’ll hear all about it within the next few months. As always, THANK YOU, godammit, THANK YOU for caring.It’s EASY to have loyal fans when you’re Jeph Fuckin’ Jacques and you know, you update every day with awesome comics and live-streamed drawing sessions… New York Movie Map: The Answers First of all, thanks to everyone who enjoyed the New York Movie Map, spread the cheer around, and especially ordered one!Comments on this comic (147)RIGHT so here’s what’s going on RIGHT so here’s what’s going on.It’s simple really, and pretty much goes without saying: there’s just been no time for me to focus on making a Lp.If I included all of NYC, or even just upper Manhattan, there’d be a ton of wasted space where relatively little’s happening and it’d reduce the impact.

I had to make it work as a visual piece and not just as a reference.

but when you post 3 comics a year and disappear for months at a time like me, and still have fans as dedicated as you guys? It went gangbusters over the last week and took my site down three times with all the traffic, so, that was fun. One thing that struck me while I was working on this thing was how often I’d see the World Trade Center pop up.

It made sense, since a whopping 71 out of the 91 movies were released before 9/11, and showing the WTC was just a stock way of saying, “hey, we’re in New York now”.

Comic Chameleon is the One True App where you can read all your favorite webcomics with super-hot panel-to-panel navigation and it's now available on the App Store for the i Phone/i Pod Touch! And yeah, a little comic called Alien Loves Predator.

Our launch lineup includes Dinosaur Comics, XKCD, Girls with Slingshots, Questionable Content, and a whole lot more... If this ain't gonna make me do more a Lp, nothing will.

As a reminder, as I said last week: I’ll be cooling it on the big time-traveling storyline for now, and going old school random for a while in order to get back on the comic horse.

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