Dating stories from hell

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Dating stories from hell

I couldn’t exactly escape because we were in a moving car, so all I could do was listen.I said, especially after that terrible date, that I only regarded him as a friend.

I wound up sitting right next to that guy, so we made small talk. Instant rejection or the chance of a second glance.The possibility of a new relationship based solely on your physical attributes and your ability to ‘take a nice photo’ as my late mother would say.He started ranting about how “psycho” she was, recounting her bulimia and describing in full detail how she would force herself to throw up.(By this point, I was close to doing the same.)When we were done, he drove me back to my place, and confessed that he liked me.I’m going to be really honest and say this wasn’t a date as much as a potential one-night stand that I successfully swiped my way.

He was an American model (for a high street label, but still, a model’s a model) in town to visit family for a couple of weeks, and had a house to himself, which is all you could really need for an efficient one-night stand.Worst date stories rank pretty high up in terms of quality fodder for conversation, because who doesn’t love a good chuckle, self-deprecating or otherwise?Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, but sometimes, revelling in the antithesis is far more entertaining.Whether you’re attached and want a good cackle at our expense, or are single and need some conviction that dating is just an unnecessary hurdle, we’ve got your back with a compilation of all the worst dates our team has been on.Baby, you’re no firework I once went out for dinner with a schoolmate who told me he used to frequent the restaurant we were at with his ex-girlfriend.Better yet, he topped it off with some cough syrup before meeting me and was still high from it at dinner.

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