Dating tattooed women

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Dating tattooed women

If you’re woman with tattoos, do you think you get more attention from males because of them? As a guy, I'm immediately intrigued when I see a woman with a tattoo.

So when I see a woman smoking, I automatically associate this "rebellious" act with a "I don't care what anyone thinks of me" reflex.

When the women displayed body art, the figure rose to 26.

It took men an average of 35 minutes to approach women without tattoos—but those who approached women tattoos did so after just 24 minutes.

The researchers, 20 yards away, discreetly observed what transpired.

Among women without the tattoo, an average of 11 men struck up conversations.

As a woman with a full-sleeve and various other tattoos I prefer not to be labeled as "inked" or defined in any way by my tattoos.

It does not concern me in the slightest that this research study suggests that more men will approach me and may believe that I will sleep with them because I have tattoos.

From this in my mind I then think that the girl might be more open to sex. Do you think there is any connection between tattoos and sexual availability? The stigma against tattooed people (those who are "inked" as they prefer to be called) is noticeable a lot worse against females.

Whenever I see a woman participate in what I believe in are "rebellious acts", I think that they are also open to other stereotypically "rebellious acts" for girls, including sexual availability (these are just my automatic, knee jerk reactions) On deeper reflection I realize that of course these aren't realistic to apply to analyze a person, but when I'm at a bar seeing a girl smoke with a tattoo, I can't help but think certain things :-P Girls: Do you have tattoos? Having a few discreet tattoos is socially acceptable but if they are extensively covered in tattoos, they will be presumed to be slutty or someone with in a lowly street gang.

My buddy said, “Check out the tramp stamp.” The term “tramp stamp” was new to me, and so was its implication that compared to women without body art, those with tattoos are sexually looser. Meanwhile, according to another report, women with tattoos more sexually active, meaning they might, indeed, be more available to men.

Let's explore both findings: Men Think Tattooed Women Are More Available French researchers sent 11 young women, with an average age of 20, to various beaches in Brittany on hot summer days.

Compared with participants without body art, those with tattoos had first intercourse a little younger, had a few more lifetime sex partners, were somewhat more sexually active, and were a bit more adventurous (i.e., they had more sex outside their bedrooms). As a result, we must view these findings as flukes, and conclude that while tattooed folks may be a bit more sexual, their sex lives are pretty average. Women engage in all manner of body adornment—earrings, make-up, hair styling, different fashions, and even cosmetic surgery.