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I may not like it and I don’t always do anything to make it right in the moment, but it sure makes me a more socially aware human being. I think we can all resonate with that 😴 If Pence truly believes this therapy could work then he would have to believe that it could turn a straight person gay too by changing the content to suit the gender of the individual.If he wants to prove that it can change someone’s sexuality then I volunteer him as tribute! If DCF found a family doing this to their minor child the child would be removed and the parents arrested. Pence and anyone else that tries to “cure” my boys will have to go through me first.

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The HATE that fills this earth is on an unprecedented scale and getting worse..

People would tell me that people fighting for equal love doesn’t matter and that we should drop it ya she’s just naive and doesn’t give a shit, I say this torture is clearly child abuse and a hate crime His parents should be feeling guilty they sent there son there because they could not accept the fact that he’s gay.

Now that he died I hope they are constantly in pain for doing what they did to their son.

Many argue about being gay being a choice or somthing your born with but let me ask you this what is anything you do, just chemical reaction in the brain. Being Gay is not a life chioce or something that can be cured.

If your getting vagina or dick its just a chemical in the brain meaning your born like this and if your beating somone for this then your no diffrent then Hitler and need to be shot. these people will rot in hell for there evil doings .

Countless studies in the thousands have been conclusive that Conversion “Therapy” DOES NOT WORK! 1500 species in this world have been observed and discovered that homosexuality occurs in them. Could it be that just like everything else in this world, if God does exist, that variety is the spice of life and sexuality is a spectrum of variety? Equality march WORLD WIDE is June 11th check your cities for times and places. My Maid of Honour and best friend was sent to conversion camp as a teenager.

Just like we have many different skin colours, different hair colours, different eye colours, different abilities… Watching him struggle with his identity, anorexia, bulimia, and suicide attempts as he recovered.

Severely malnourished, dehydrated, with burns and wounds all over his body, he lay in intensive care for four weeks until he died. Just 10 weeks before, the teen’s parents signed him up in 2011 for the Echo Wild Game Rangers course in South Africa in perfect health with the intention of ‘making him a man’.

We do not know how he identified sexually, but for being ‘effeminate’ he was chained to his bed every night and was repeatedly tortured.

In his 20’s he tried to commit suicide one night after his mother told him that his father was dying of cancer because of his sins as a gay man.

(As he is a religious person he struggled with concerns I could not fully comprehend and rectifying his religion with his true self was such a severe trial for him.) I wrote this song for him after I picked him up from the hospital. I dedicate it to all of you who’ve faced this terror and to this poor boy in the article. https://lpbc.Many of you might not care but people are people.

It isn’t therapy, it’s torture to the point people are forced to lie about who they are. We must stand up to this brutality, LGBTQ needs our help we have to stand together.