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The coffee industry has become more aware of the need for the sustainable practices that 1000 Faces promotes, with both small and massive coffee retailers adopting more ethical techniques for sourcing coffee.

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Along with the changing leaves, local business owners are changing their menus’ items to usher in the coming autumn months.

It is one of several independent coffee businesses in Athens, a recognizable feat considering the corporate domination of the coffee industry as a whole.

Seth Hendershot, owner of Hendershot’s Coffee located in the Bottleworks on Prince Avenue, sees the Athens community as an example of the changing landscape of ethical sourcing in the coffee business.

Sainsbury's is cutting up to 1000 jobs at head office, it has been reported.

The exact number of job cuts will be revealed next month.

“Direct trade relationships result in higher quality coffee for coffee roasters and their customers, while increasing income for coffee farmers and their workers.

Traceability is key in these relationships to ensure that the impact is real.

Athens residents can look forward to enjoying the following menu items this season.

It’s hard to describe how I felt after watching the season seven premiere of “The Walking Dead” on Sunday night, but I think one super-fan interviewed during the post-show program summed up the sentiment pretty well.

According to Weiner, Fair Trade-Certified —a popular certification given to producers that operate in an ethical manner—does not enforce strict enough guidelines to achieve its purpose of promoting sustainability, resulting in an influx of product that does not meet true sustainability standards.“The world needs either Fair Trade that meets rigorous auditing standards, which it currently does not, or else a complete shift to meaningful direct trade.

There is unfortunately a disincentive to making certifications more meaningful because doing so would make them expensive for big business,” Weiner said.

The farm not only grows high-cupping quality coffee, but it gives back to the community with projects that install running water in schools, fund free computing classes for girls from coffee communities, and offer access to credit for coffee farmers on little to no collateral.

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