Deborah king santana dating

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Deborah king santana dating

Her parents broke with the tradition-bound 1950s in other ways.

As the wife of one of the most famous guitarists in the world, Deborah Santana knows what it's like to be overlooked, to be, as the title of her new autobiography says, the "Space Between the Stars." But when you read her tightly crafted, colorfully written and surprisingly honest self-portrait about her life before and with Carlos Santana, you come away wondering who exerts more force -- the star or the woman who has shaped their lives together for more than three decades.

Unfortunately, the later years get scant coverage, but Deborah Santana says there will be a follow-up.

Her husband savored the book, she said, thankful that she didn't make him come out "like Ike Turner." Through the toughest times, and not without therapy, the two seem to find their way back to unconditional love.

Carlos cut his hair and changed his name to Devadip; Deborah began wearing saris and started running marathons.

Later, she and her sister established a gourmet vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, Dipti Nivas, which she now says was the most gratifying result of following the guru. Chinmoy's controlling ways also led Deborah to later have an abortion, she writes.

Through her eyes we see racial issues of the 1950s, when she dealt with being the product of a mixed marriage; the drug-hazed '60s, which she spent as the girlfriend of rock star Sly Stone; the "Me Decade" '70s, during which she followed a transplanted Indian guru; and her more recent efforts to raise a family with an absentee musician husband whose main life was on the road.

The seven years she spent writing the book, the 54-year-old Santana says, helped bring the kind of self-realization she had spent her life looking for.The Fappening photos of Fergie hot ass from photoshoot.Fergie Duhamel is a 41 years old American singer, fashion designer and actress.But her recollection of even the most drugged-out detail is so strong -- watching the ceiling shake and the drapes breathe -- she can make a teetotaler feel like Hunter S. She had trouble breaking away, even though she writes that Stone hit her and forced her to have a coat-hanger abortion.Finally, the violence got to her and she returned home.Deborah Santana began running her husband's business, which in 1994 was tottering, despite the fame and touring.

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