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The language is frequently explicit and skin is amply displayed but there is no actual nudity. A full minute of farting early on lets the audience know this is what they can expect. Although some people are depicted as dying, there is no significant blood and the explicit violence is no worse than in children’s cartoons.

I finally got around to watching it and I found it reasonably amusing, if you keep your expectations low.There are several dance and song numbers and even though they are parodying things, they actually are pretty good to listen to. My favorite scene: someone parodying Vince Vaughn dressed as Batman. The family and Winston then celebrate Oscar's birthday with Winston, who seems quite taken with Rose.Sometime later, Rose visits her father who says he's sold his house and explains that with the money, he has started a new cleanup business named Lorkowski Cleaning.Needing to operate as a more reputable service, the sisters get the necessary tools from Winston (Clifton Collins, Jr.), a one-armed storekeeper of a shop for cleanup material.

The sisters name their cleanup business "Sunshine Cleaning" and start making progress as their reputation grows.

They begin to find meaning in their function to "help" in some way in the aftermath of a loss or disaster, even though the job stirs up memories of their own mother's suicide.

At the same time, the members of the family deal with their individual problems.

Rose's hyperactive and disruptive 8-year-old son Oscar (Jason Spevack) upsets his school officials by his erratic behavior, and they order Rose to put him on medication or send him to a private school.

Unable to make enough money with her current job, Rose asks Mac (Steve Zahn), her ex-boyfriend during their high school years and her married lover, for advice.

Lynn breaks off her relationship with Norah as she questions whether Norah was truly interested in her at all.