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Do you use any wildcard characters in your Close Window action configuration? , []Which method do you have selected in the Close Window configuration? It would help if you could provide a screenshot of the rule configuration window and the main window.Yes: * is used with all 3 "send CLOSE message" actions because the application which have to close uses tabs and from the asterisk on, the tab titles are different.

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I have tried to add the shutter program folder to the exception list of my antivirus, but it doesn't make any difference. Now I found a thread in this forum which describes the same problem, but I don't have hard- and software from Logitech and Windows don't show an error message when Shutter freezes: Shutter freezes when using Logitech Set Point Thank you very much for your reply. The preset event is an countdown and the action is "close window" and "utilities: close application".I cannot reproduce it if I want and have tried all windows that I typically use (browsers, mediaplayer, explorer, cmd, configuration windows of applications and tools and certainly the terminals.:-( I have an instance always running for testing this.There are also no responses via tray right click (no menu) and Shutters window menu.The only way to exit Shutter is to kill the process via task manager.Maybe any update has fixed the problem accidentally.

You need to get to a moment when Shutter begins to freeze, and then run this tool to test how each enumeration sequence performs.

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The use of wildcards in the "Close Window" action requires Shutter to enumerate all active windows, in order to match their titles against the specified pattern.

The enumeration procedure is performed through Enum Windows (Windows API function) and involves querying each window for its title.

Maybe the wildcard is automatically set at the end when the Win Title Match Mode is 1 and not 3.