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This live Adventure game will keep you guessing using various clues, hints and suggestions to complete the all objectives and unveil the secret plot hidden within!A great experience for Doctor Who fans and Escape Room Enthusiasts alike! JABBA THE HUTT’S PALACE MAKES ITS WAY TO FAN EXPO CANADA Experience Jabba the Hutt's Palace without having to travel to the edge of the Northern Dune Sea!

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Fans can experience the thrill of meeting their potential soul mate, future spouse or maybe someone a little more casual!For a complete list of programming, guests, info and tickets, visit: FAN EXPO HQ is the largest entertainment convention group in the country and one of the largest in the world.COSPLAY KICK-OFF PARTY Start your Fan Expo with a bang!Join us for the Official Fan Expo Cosplay Kick-Off Party at EFS Nightclub, hosted by the delightful Lee Anna Vamp and all her friends! 19 ARTIST ALLEY Indie meets pro in this special area where fans will find all of their favourite pencillers, inkers and writers.KIDS ZONE & FAMILY LOUNGE For parent(s) with kids under 12, the Kids Zone and Family Lounge is a quiet corner where they can just chill and get away from the crowds for a bit.

Lots of activities for the kids including play stations, art and crafts tables, reading nook and TV cartoon theatre with content provided by Teletoon.

MASQUERADE COSPLAY CONTEST Master of Ceremonies, Gordon Rose, brings you the most popular event of the weekend and the largest show of its kind in Canada!

This exciting event features fans showcasing their original costumes derived from the comic, sci-fi, horror, anime and fantasy worlds.

Specializing in everything comics, anime, gaming, science fiction and/or horror, these retailers have what every fan need.

Whether it’s a comic books from any era, original artwork, graphic novels, memorabilia, DVD’s, videos, games, toys or t-shirts – fans can find it all here.

Famous costumed visitors will be through the lounge regularly all weekend!