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Sent out more e-mails to women whose profiles looked interesting.

Without women, there won’t be any men on the site and ergo no advertising revenues.

As usual they would just check out my profile and move on without comment. Earlier today started a thread in the dating experiences forum about how I was unhappy with my lack of success on the site.

Plenty of Fish is interesting in that it offers users facilities other online dating sites (paid or otherwise) don’t. I noted that it seemed that a lot of women on the site were attention junkies – basically people who put up profiles for the sake of seeing how much attention they can get from men and nothing else.

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Advertising revenues depend heavily on site traffic.

That is what POF is really in the business of selling – eyeballs to advertisers.Many also noted how some POF users seemed to be able to post anything they liked, with no consequences. Clearly, the concepts of ‘fair comment’ and freedom of speech are alien to the owners of POF.One poster even talked about how online dating is ‘good for women but bad for men’. In short order I came to the conclusion that POF moderators tread lightly on the women who frequent the site.Then I was accused of being the one who was the ‘attention junkie.’ Attempts to locate Ms Taken’s profile came to naught. Funny how so few people could vote to remove the thread and have it removed in so little time. I drew the conclusion that Ms Taken is likely one of the site moderators. Among other things, one of the downsides of Plenty of Fish is that you can’t contact the moderators directly. The excuse that they give you for not being accessible is that “(POF) has millions of users and we just don’t have the time to answer each and every e-mail.” But they seem to have no difficulty tracking down posts or users they feel are politically incorrect!A cursory search on the web using “plentyoffish sucks” as a search term yielded many hits.The few who join paid sites typically expect a lot for their money and often have unrealistic demands of the men they wish to meet.

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