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These hoses and fittings may look like the real Mc Coy, but the hose compound may be the wrong formulation, the braid may not be correctly bonded or extruded through the rubber, the hose bore may not be concentric (causing eventual leakage or failure at the fittings), and the fittings themselves may be made from inferior alloys or have the wrong heat treat.There’s no easy way to tell by looking at the outside.

Fuel returning to the tank on a recirculation-type system gets aerated, souring the gas and accelerating hose degradation because of increased oxidation and leaching of the tube elastomer.

Some blends have caused minimal problems, but others-particularly those with ethanol and other abrasive additives-cause drastic rubber compound degradation.

Although not as bad as street gas, many leaded, competition-only gas blends now have aggressive additives, that-while still allowing the blend to pass a sanctioning body’s fuel check-are almost as caustic as alcohol fuels.

All we can say here is buy name brand parts from a reputable manufacturer or distributor.

One workaround is to inspect and replace rubber hoses in a timely manner, just like aircraft mechanics have always done.

Additionally, more heat is transferred into the gas tank by fuel returning from the engine compartment, heating the fuel overall and further accelerating hose degradation.

Today’s engine compartments are also much hotter-at times approaching 400 degrees F-which impacts underhood hose big time.And fuel injection nozzles are easily clogged by rubber particles breaking loose from hose deteriorating on the inside. If your car sits in an enclosed garage, that fuel-like smell is partially vapor evaporating through the hose.Import Contamination If reformulated fuel weren’t bad enough, inferior Chinese hose and fittings have seriously contaminated the supply chain.It was not a digital camera, as its CCD sensor produced an analog video signal in the NTSC format at a resolution of pixels.Mavipak 2.0" disks (later adopted industry-wide as the Video Floppy and labelled "VF") were used to write 50 still frames onto tracks on disk. Otherwise, this camera is positioned as the "pioneer of the digital era".Whether with street or race gas, deterioration is accelerated when the car sits for a length of time.