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I had to prop both hands against the shower stand to keep my balance, the feeling of the circumstances were almost overwhelming. " All I could do was mutter a "Unh-huh" in response, I was so lost in the moment.Mother felt my dick was clean enough and she removed both hands from me.

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After catching my breath from having my first "older woman" AND my first "three way" with CEO Cindy and Claire's son Stan, I slowly regained my heart rate and my senses.

After I pulled out of Cindy, she straightened up off of Stan while wiping wetness off of the corners of her mouth.

Using two fingers, she rubbed soap all around it, getting a even spread of soap on my opening.

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She smiled up at me with a gleam in her eye, a look that combined pleasure, lust and wickedness. I wrapped my arms around her as well, holding her in a close embrace as the warm water rinsed us both off.

It was a look that I hoped to see a lot more of in the future! I looked down at her, seeing how beautiful she was and couldn't resist the urge for a passionate kiss.

Cindy stood up and my load of cum just ran down her legs. I think I'll just use the outdoor showers here by the pool. "John, I believe you could do with a clean-up as well.

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